Friday, June 20, 2014

7 QTs a little bit of homeschool

1. 2 days in a row, can ya believe it??

2. I am getting very excited to homeschool Jake again next year.  He had a really good 5th grade public school experience, made a really good friend who he will do middle school band with,
had two neighborhood buddies in his class including boy next door who continues to ring our doorbell no less than 3 times a day,
  and had a nice homeschool-friendly teacher.
To say nothing of all the girls who fell for him and started the infamous "I love Jake club."  Some are pictured here.
But he and I are both happy to close that chapter and look towards homeschooling again.  We are planning on doing Exploring Countries and Cultures, adding a lot of Catholic-y saint stuff to it, and spending an excessive amount of time at EPCOT.  He will do Teaching Textbooks 7th grade (he's in 6th, but TT is a little behind) for math, and probably do Language Arts on Florida Virtual School.  For Science he is leaning toward flvs also, but I'm thinking of a middle school Chemistry to do alongside Madi and her high school Chemistry.  Jake will get the best of both worlds by participating in band at the public middle school.
3. Madi passed the PERT test to be accepted at Lake Sumter State College for dual enrollment.  In the fall she can take 2 classes and in the spring she can take 3.  Her plan is to take English there as well as two semesters of American History.   That leaves her two more classes to decide on at a later date.  She is planning on going back to plain ole homeschooling with Apologia Chemistry and will do Algebra 2 on flvs. 
4.  This year is ALMOST in the books for Madi.  She finished English last week and finished Geometry yesterday.  She is still plugging along on World History.  Four academic honors classes on flvs is a little heavy (she also had Biology which she finished about a month ago) for a girl who works outside the home (emphasis on outside the home), and is super active in theatre and youth group. 
5.  No longer a homeschooler, Jonathan's summer classes start on Monday.  He is taking a Humanities class, a Harry Potter (how cool is that?) class, and a film class. 
6. I am reading two good books right now, and I'm a little bit accountable for both of them.  The first is the Anne of Green Gables series .  A friend and I are both reading them all at the urging of another friend, and Tiffany has promised to buy us coffee when we finish all 8 books.  I'm on the second one right now and really enjoying Anne.  I am also reading The Little Oratory and listening to weekly podcasts about it in a sort of online bookclub.  I am also loving this.  It is about setting up a prayer space in the home, and actually goes along really well with homeschooling.   Actually Jake and I are also in the middle of two different books on CD, Divergent and Lions of Little Rock.
7. I started this a few hours ago, but was interrupted by our VBS pizza party.  Sadly pizza party is sort of a misnomer because there was some kind of disconnect between people who rsvped and people who actually showed up, but the entertainment more than made up for it.   My role at VBS this year was to get Jake there and spend the mornings with my sweet little Godson. 
Can you believe my own baby has now grown to helper status?  He was a helper with music and had a good time with it.  Here's the only picture I have of that.
This week's quick takes are not at Jen's, but are here, go check them out.

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