Saturday, August 9, 2014

7 quick takes another day late

1. A little over a week ago my brother, Rob, got the news that the trial he was on to treat his melanoma wasn't working as well as they'd hoped, and it was time to switch treatments.  On last Thursday he started a new kind of immunotherapy (pills), and he has been a new man ever since.  He is not in pain for the first time since well before his diagnosis, and this is with taking far fewer pain pills than he was taking before.  He stood at their kitchen sink two days ago and did their dishes, and went out socially last night for the first time since his diagnosis in March.  Keep the prayers coming, we might be witnessing a miracle.

2. Mike's mother moved to Florida last week.  She has been staying with us while getting her house habitable (or is it inhabitable?).  She's had painters all week, exterminators, plumbers, and more.  The movers came with her stuff today.  She seems to be adjusting to the huge move quite well.  This might be another miracle.

3. Mike is still in the market for a job.  We're still "fine" for a while, but while we're getting miracles, this one would be nice.

4. Speaking of no job, Jake and I took full advantage of two "back to school bash" charity gigs this morning where we came away with school supplies (including a backpack), a tooth brush and tooth paste, lunch, and a haircut for him all for free!

5. Jonathan's summer classes have ended to the tune of three more "A"s!!!  He now has enough credits to be considered a college sophomore and is sporting a 4.0!!

6. Speaking of sophomore, Madi  has registered for dual enrollment for the fall.  She is a full school year ahead of when Jonathan started, so theoretically she can hit college sophomore status even earlier than her brother.  In the meantime, while she will be a high school junior next week, she is still a high school sophomore in the sense that it is taking her literally FOR! EV! ER! to complete her virtual school world history class.  She should be able to finish without a problem this week, but there goes her "summer break".  Don't let her fool you though, she had plenty of "break" including participation in a mainstage performance, working about 30 hours a week for the local rec department summer camp, a mission trip, and tons of time with friends driving them all all over town.

7. Tonight is the theatre's big awards night.  Always a fun time!  As soon as that ends Mike and Madi will head to an all night youth group lock-in.  They should get home at around 6:30 in the morning, right around the time that Jonathan will be heading to work at Disney.  Tomorrow afternoon we will head to Fort Wilderness for the closest thing to a family vacation that we're going to get all summer.  Monday-Wednesday are the first three days in a row all summer that we've all be available for some rest and relaxation Disney camping style.  In the meantime, I need to go get ready for Mass, so all of these things can go off without a hitch, so my family can be ready to hurry up and relax!!

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Tiffany said...

I'm thrilled to hear the news about Rob! I kept meaning to ask all week and kept forgetting when I had the chance. Also, glad to hear that Mike's mom is getting settled! I'm still praying for a job. Yay Jonathan! Hurry up and work Madi! Enjoy your vacation and family time!