Thursday, August 23, 2007

100 things about me

Well, I'm going way off as far as blog etiquette goes, but I figured this was probably the best way to get me into this whole blogging thing. I love to hear about other people's lives, but have a hard time thinking people are going to want to hear about mine. However, if you do have any interest in hearing about my life... instead of having to wait until my 100th post to hear all this, you're going to get it on my third! (well, only barely third, since I still haven't even figured out how to get pictures on here).

1. I love my husband and have a great marriage.
2.I am a homeschooling mother.
3. I should really be doing more hands on school with my kids right now instead of this.
4. I am a Catholic Christian and have been my whole life.
5. I have three kids, but have breastfed for a total of 8 years.
6. Jonathan was born before our first anniversary (but after 10 months in case you were wondering.)
7. I am very close to my parents.
8. I have one brother, who is great who I really should talk to more.
9. I like to stay friends with people forever.
10. I want people to like me.
11. I am a people pleaser.
12. I don't like to lose things.
13. Currently in our house, we have lost Madi's gameboy, our social security cards, and a $100 gift certificate to Capillo.
14. Those missing things are driving me crazy!
15. I am passionate about the things I love.
16. I have a hard time dealing with other people not being passionate about what I love.
17. I love the kids' Theatre.
18. Watching my kids on stage is one of my favorite things in the world.
19. I love homeschooling.
20. I love our church.
21. I love Jake's preschool and Miss Shawnie.
22. I love Disney.
23. I love to read.
24. Judy Blume has been my favorite author since I was in 4th grade.
25. I love Nicholas Sparks books.
26. I think JK Rowling is a genius.
27. I might want to write a book one day.
28. I 've never had a professional manicure.
29. I've never had someone else clean my house (besides my mother[and Pam and Marissa when Madi was in the hospital])
30. I love American Idol (but only started watching last season).
40. I love Dancing with the Stars (have watched 3 seasons).
41. Mike and I plan to take Ballroom dancing lessons.
42. I have the best husband I know.
43. I have the best kids I know.
44. I have the best parents I know.
45. I have the best friends I know.
46. I let my kids watch those Disney channel shows like Zack and Cody.
47. My kids have seen GREASE (and performed in it).
48. I saw GREASE when I was in third grade and the "bad stuff" went over my head, I think it still does.
49. I frequently say When Harry Met Sally is my favorite movie, my kids have not seen that.
50. I watched When Harry Met Sally when I was in labor with Jonathan.
51. I think my all time favorite movie might really be It's a Wonderful Life.
52. I love Christmas music.
53. I love 80's music.
54. I just this summer have started listening more to z88.3 than 107.7.
55. I love most music (except rap)
56. I took piano lessons for years and can't play!
57. I was in HAIR when I was a senior in high school.
58. I was runner up for student of the year whe I was a senior.
59. I was in the "court" at the senior prom.
60. I had a boyfriend for three years (Senior year in HS until Junior year in college) who broke up with me (he cheated on me first).
61. I met Mike when we worked at the UCONN-COOP bookstore.
62. I wasn't sure it would work out when I found out he was a Yankee fan.
63. I have been a Red Sox fan since third grade.
64. On my first date with Mike we went to see the band that his brother was in.
65. I thought he was going to pay for my dring, but he didn't...if he reads this, it might be the first he's ever heard of it.
66. On our second date we went in our (my parent's) hot tub.
67. On our third date...never mind.
68. I have almost no regrets in my life.
69. I feel like we (me, Mike, my kids, my parents) get the most our of everyday.
70. My very close friend committed suicide when I was 15 (it was the day I moved away).
71. I yell at my kids and wish I didn't.
72. I'm trying to lose half a pound a week.
73. I've lost 3 pounds in 6 weeks.
74. I've had ice cream almost everyday this summer.
75. I love my bedroom.
76. I love my house.
77. I like to keep busy, but I think I keep too busy.
78. I try to give blood every few months.
79. I like to be in bed at 10 and watch King of Queens.
80. If I'm still awake at 11, I watch Seinfeld.
81. Seinfeld is probably my all time favorite show.
82. I like the Wonder Years (but I have it on DVD and have only watched a few episodes).
83. I like the Brady Bunch.
84. I can't believe I'm on 84 and have said nothing about food. (well except for the ice cream and that was on #74)
85. I love to eat.
86. I love to bake.
87. My favorite foods change daily.
88. I've now been doing this for almost an hour.
89. I've been in about half of the United States, and plan to visit the other half someday.
90. I think I can fit in with a lot of different people.
91. I want to get a sewing machine.
92. I don't like to talk about money (or to listen to ther people talk about it either).
93.I keep hitting enter after each number instead of the space bar.
94. My wedding and the births of my kids were my favorite days ever.
95. I've shown Jake's birth video to a lot of people (it shows everything).
96. I have a good memory.
97. I have to take a shower at lest once a day.
98. I like to take baths too.
99. I'm thinking I might've missed some important things bout me.
100. I'll do 100 more if I ever actually get to 100 posts.

101. I'm going to go "do school" with my kids now.

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