Monday, August 20, 2007

Not sure I'm ready for this...

Well, blogging seems to be the thing to do in my circle of friends, so here I am. On the one hand I wasn't sure I wanted to do this because I'm not yet sure if I'm going to use this for my innermost personal thoughts or as an actual "log" of our day to day life to share with family and friends. In other words, I'm not sure what I'm going to share. Then there's the question of real names or fake names...I haven't decided on that one yet either. The thing is though, I've been reading other people's blogs and I feel like it's time I shared my own story. That and all year long I am composing our family Christmas letter in my head, and I figure a blog is kind of like a Christmas letter everyday. At the very least, I can get a jump on the Christmas letter.

So anyway, as you may or may not know we are a homeschooling family. JT is 11 1/2, MM is 9 and JM is 4 1/2. JM goes to preschool outside of the home and today was his first day (well as he informed me, not really his FIRST day because he went last year too). He also had his first day of Theatre today. He's been waiting his whole life for that! He is a true performer. JT has been doing theatre since he was 7 (well since he was 6 really, but that wasn't really theatre) , he is enjoying getting involved in the behind the scenes aspects of theatre (lighting, stage manager etc). He just recently got braces, is in the middle of reading the 7th Harry Potter, and leaves his radio on the local Christian radio station 24 hours a day. MM is the girl. She is extremely passionate about theatre, singing, dancing, and reading. It is such a joy to watch her on stage!! She is everyone's best friend. She and I just recently joined a mother daughter book club that we are really excited about. My husband is MJ and he's great! He's hardly laughing at me as I sit here typing this. This initials thing might get confusing, as you can see we use a lot of the same letters over again with our kids names...we'll see how it goes.

OK, I might even try to put some pictures on here...
Until later,

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