Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm on my way now...

Well, I've figured out how to delete old posts (like the one that was supposed to have a picture on it) and a friend taught me how to put pictures on it, so there's no stopping me now. However, since I do have that constant "mom talk" in my head all day long (you know what I mean...should I have said that? done that? thought that?) I can't decided if I should make this more about me or the kids. Actually, I don't really know how to separate the two anyway, but I mean I'm still not sure how I want to use this whole blogging tool. Should it be all of the cute things that the kids said so all of the relatives can be updated or is it about my own personal thoughts. These are all hypothetical questions obviously, the ones I am currently working on in my head.

Well enough about me, lets get to the kids. As you can see I've given up on the no real names thing. So to recap, I'm Julie, happily married to Mike, raising three beautiful children. Jonathan is almost 12, Madison is 9, and Jake is almost 5. Jonathan and Madison homeschool and we are using My Father's World Exploration through 1850. In our early years of homeschooling I considered us unschoolers, but in the last few years I've felt the need to at least in someways do some more "schooly" things. We found My Father's World last year, and we love it. Jake attends preschool outside of the home and loves it. The plan is that he will homeschool next year, but at this point this is what's right for our family. As I write this Jake and I are currently playing school, he is the teacher of course. We've counted the days of August, and now we are working on "absent friends".

I'm going to go give my full attention to the kids for awhile, but I'll be on the lookout for all of the funny things they say and do, so I can document and share them here instead of forgetting them.

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Leisa said...

Your blog is great Julie. I know what you mean. I can't decide if it should be kids or about me, so some days I keep it light and others I blog what's on my mind.