Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm back on line...

Well, our internet access hasn't worked since Sunday, so my head has been full of things to blog about and I haven't had the chance! First of all the lack of internet is a story in itself. We had some rain and lightning Sunday evening and then I noticed the DSL light was not on on the computer box. After being on hold for 30 minutes I talked to a woman who talked me through a series of steps and then determined that the box itself must be the problem. She told me they'd ovenight a new one on Monday so it would come on Tuesday (or definitely Wednesday she said). So I spent a few non-computer days doing lots of school work with the kids and being impressed with how much more time I had when I was not on the computer. By the time Thursday came and the box still wasn't here, I became alittle annoyed. I called again and they couldn't find a record of my previous call or any box being sent our to us. UGH how frustrating! They did however credit our account $20 ( used Jake's latest phase), and the box came today HURRAY!

So anyway, here I am back on the computer, just in time to go out of town. We are heading to our timeshare in the Mountains of NC tomorrow in the dark morning. We are mostly packed, but I am feeling completely unmotivated to do more. At the last minute due to chronic car problems, we will be taking the truck in stead of the van, which is the better car, but has much less room.

On thought I had this week was this....I spotted a huge black and YELLOW (would you believe) spider in our bushes on Monday morning. Being the good homeschooling mother that I try to be, I called the kids to look at it. While we were checking it out, I happened to notice the mean neighbors from behind us (the ones who put up a fence so we can't get to our friends' house...long story) have their HALLOWEEN decorations up! Now anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE holiday decorating! Our family also happily celebrates and decorates for Halloween...but come, on it is AUGUST!!! This is not at all a "fun loving kind of family" and I can't figure out why they would put Halloween decorations up over 2 months early...crazy!! I wonder if they'll give us candy on October 31st...after we jump the fence I mean!

Today when I picked up Jake from preschool, he had his "extra" shorts on. He never has potty accidents so this was unusual. I mentioned that to Miss Shawnie, and she agreed and said that he was sure he didn't have an accident. As he got in the car, he proceeded to tell me why his shorts were in the bag..."I went to the bathroom, and I let it go" "What do you mean?" I asked. I letted go of my shorts when I was peeing and they got wet". OK! Isn't this just the type of story that blogs are for? Well Jake is currently composing new songs right beside me..."what color of apples is your favorite, mine is blue...lalalala..."

Jonathan and Madi made wigwams as part of our learning about Pocahontas and Jamestown this week. The pictures may end up on here...we'll see. They find out what parts they get in the next play (Into the Woods) this afternoon. I dreamed last night that Madi was the cow and Jonathan was the baker. Madi wants to be Little Red Riding Hood and Jonathan wants to be Rapunzel's Prince...we'll see.

I may or may not have anytime on a computer for the next two weeks while we are on our trip, so this little enstallment might just have to hold you for a long time.

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