Thursday, March 6, 2008

6:15 am

Why am I up so early? I'm asking myself the same thing. It is shaping up to be a very busy day. Mike is on the way to the airport for a flight to Virginia for an hour and a half meeting and he'll fly back tonight. In the meantime the rest of us will have preschool (Jake), a free golf class/lesson (Jonathan), four other kids we will be watching (me and Madi), and a yard sale (first me and Madi and the four other kids and eventually the boys too). Thankfully the yard sale isn't at my house, it is at my friend C's and it is sort of an annual or biannual event and always a lot of fun. For the last few days I've frantically been pulling out stuff to sell. We get rid of stuff very frequently and still we always seem to have too much!

Jonathan, Madi and I have really been doing well with school work and don't want to lose our momentum, so the late afternoon and evening will be spent doing that. We are deep into colonial times and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. I'm definitely into it. I'm pretty sure they are too because the other day when they were out side hanging laundry I heard Jonathan say "Can you believe the Revolutionary War really started because of the Seven Years War?" (also known as the French and Indian has to do with the King of England wanting money to recoop some of his losses hence the taxes on tea etc) Ask my kids about it, they certainly have a better understanding of it than I did up until about a week ago. It is so easy to learn things when you read good, real books! Also I know Madi is into it too because now when she grows up in addition to wanting to be a preschool teacher she wants to be a blacksmith also, not the most popular career choice for a girl turning ten! Jake also knows a lot of this stuff already because of....SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK of course! ("...and the shot heard round the world was the start of the revolution...lalalala)

I'm always amazed at how whatever we are learning about seems to show up in other areas of our life. I know it is a "God thing". Jonathan and Madi are working on a Bible study book about the book of James, the main focus right now on learning to "bridle the tongue"...not an easy task especially for one of them! I'm not sure if you've noticed the Motivation for Moms on mt sidebar, but yesterday's was about "bridling the tongue". Also as part of their curriculum last week they needed to make quills out of feathers and berry ink. We happened to be reading the second Felicity American Girl book that day and guess what she was doing ... copy work with her quill and ink...guess what her passage said... Think ere you speak because words once flown are no more your own. Guess what I had my kids write?! Then the same day I saw this poem on a friend's blog...
A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

Don't you just love when things all come together like that?


Randi said...

I love it when you see topics that you are studying show up all around you.

We are studying the revolution, too. We just finished reading Johnny Tremain.

Oh, and have you seen the blacksmith at the Pioneer Settlement. He was enthralling. He made me want to be a blacksmith, too.

5Gustos said...

This is so much of what I was trying to talk about on my blog the other day (see the eagle post) but I think you said it much better. Yes, stuff we're studying shows up all around us again and again, and that is a "God Thing". I like that.

Too funny about the blacksmith career choice. My little B wants to be a mother with "8 babies" but also a "lady bee keeper". That doesn't mean she wants to keep lady bees, but she already realizes at this tender age that bee-keeping might not normally be a feminine career choice.

Dumuro said...

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