Thursday, March 13, 2008

Golf, SchoolHouse Rock, Cinderella and the "napper"

Jonathan had his second (of two) free golf clinics today and did really well. Last week I didn't go, so it was nice for me to see it. Jonathan is really a natural when it comes to golf. It is definitely his sport. Pictures will follow at some point, but at the moment I'm running on borrowed time here at the computer. Tonight is opening night of SchoolHouse Rock! Madi plays the lead role on tomorrow and Sunday, tonight she is in the ensamble so this is a "no sweat" night. Jonathan will be "doing the lights". Jonathan apparently had a great audition for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last week (which they will start working on two days after SchoolHouse Rock ends) and apparently Mr Joel told Miss Amanda "Oh no if Jonathan is in this one who's going to do the lights?" His interest in the technical side of things has really become an asset to the theatre. Those of you who have your sound turned on on your computer will noticed that I added my new favorite (sad) song to my music. I was going to wait and put it on for Madi's 10th birthday, but I couldn't wait. Get your tissues handy! For the first time in almost two years of attending St Edward's Jake stayed at school this afternoon to be a "napper". He hasn't truly napped since he was about two, but apparently at school today, he actually did (it might've had something to do with the fact that his buddy TJ spent the night at our house last night and they were in Jake's room playing into the wee hours of the morning!). So just to recap...I got up at about 6:30 this morning to get 4 boys ready for golf/preschool (Madi stayed at her friend's house), Mike dropped Jonathan off at the orthodontist at 7:45 because a bracket on his braces broke the other night (the same night he had been at the orthodontist!), I made sure the others ate and got ready and into the car (Oh and I made brownies for Theatre tonight). We picked up S and O for preschool and dropped the preschoolers off. Got Jonathan, drove him, TJ and his brother Scott the hour to the golf place. After golf, drove the hour home (with a quick stop at the Wendy's drive thru). Brought the boys home, met Mike and Madi at one of the rental houses where we needed to do some cleaning and Mike finished painting. After that Jonathan and Madi and I went home to do school work (the end of the Revolutionary War and Pollination). Now the kids are yelling at me to get going because we have to go to Walmart to get fabric for some sewing Madi is going to do with friends tomorrow, more brownies to bake for the rest of the shows, something to eat somewhere along the way and be at the Theatre an hour and a half before the show. I guess I'll start slowing down tomorrow!


5Gustos said...

Whew! I don't know if I could keep track of all that. ;-) It sounds like fun, though.

crispy said...

Busy busy busy!!!

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