Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Did you ever get to the point where you couldn't stand the mess in your house another second? I'm there right now! Tonight all three kids will be at AWANA because Jonathan doesn't have youth group, so this morning Mike and I were discussing whether we'd go out or stay home and my suggestion was "let's stay home and clean". That's how bad it is. The thing is, it really isn't any worse than usual (maybe even a little better than sometimes), but I need it cleaner right now. Does anyone else do this? I feel this way about my kids too (not that I need them cleaner, although sometimes that is the case) they might be behaving really well, but something could hit me wrong and I think they're being terribly and I'm an awful Mom...the whole nine yards. Other times they might be having a real attitude problem (usually Jake, but the teen and preteen can have some issues once in a while too), but I can handle it just fine. I guess what I'm trying to say is the old addage "If Mama ain't happy, no one's happy" (and vice-versa) or how Mommy perceives things makes all the difference. This is why for about 3 hours today I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the grout and tile (it's still not that great), and I called the carpet cleaning guy and scheduled him to come tomorrow! Mike and I will spend our datenight tonight putting the ceiling fan in in the loft and then cleaning the loft.

It wasn't an all work and no play day however, we made some Velentine crafts this morning and then we went with friends to a nursing home to sing and hand out Valentines.


ann marie said...

i feel that way plenty...i once read that a mom's mood sets the thermostat in the house, as in she can make it warm and cozy or cold and rotten and i completely believe this to be true...i thought you were going to say you were on your hands and knees praying :)

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I tried to call you tonight. You must have been so busy cleaning you didn't hear the phone ring.

The nursing home thing looks like it was a great time.

Debbie Hannan said...

Julie, I so get that! It has taken a while to realize that when I get behind on the house it affects everrything! I will never be a neat freak but I have found the 'balance' for my sanity!!Hope you got all you needed done!!

cindy said...

I also am so right there with you! I definitely find that I get my craziest when the house is the messiest!

I love that you guys go to the nursing home for all the holidays! I know the residents appreciate it!