Thursday, February 12, 2009

Too many thoughts... head is going to explode. Mike had a CT scan this morning. Just a routine one to check his pancreas, but it always stresses me out. The technician let me go back to watch the scan and see it come up on the computer...pretty cool. We'll find out the results next week.

Jake's first little league practice is tonight. Mike is the coach. The good new is that means I don't have to go, the bad news is we've already gotten tons of phone calls..."when are games" "when's practice?" etc... I had one Mom go on and on about how she hadn't gotten any info from Mike, only to find out she deleted his emails without reading them-- the subject was E____ Little League!! Go figure! Anyone who knows me knows I could watch the kids on stage everyday of the week and not get sick of it, but in the past Little League hasn't been my thing. We'll see...

Facebook seems to be taking on a life of its own...I'm 8 friends away from 100. I've recently connected with elementary school friends and it is both neat and weird!

We got our carpets cleaned today, the first time in 4 years in this house. We're not walking on the carpets downstairs, it's getting a little cramped in the kitchen.

I'm really sticking to wii fit and it's really fun. In addition to the regular stuff, I did 20 minutes on the step while watching American Idol last night. I love Danny Gokey...I don't like Tatiana, Kristen, or Nathaniel. I don't like "Norman Gentle" either. I should be doing it right now, but like I said we're staying off the carpet.

Abraham Lincoln was born 200 years ago today. I feel like we should be doing something big to commemorate that, but with all the other stuff that today was consumed with, we didn't get farther than mentioning it. Actually I told the kids to figure out what happened 200 years ago today. Jonthan figured it out quickly. Madi later told me she googled "200 years ago today" and came up with nothing. Eventually she figured it out, but we discussed how she could've googled Feb 12,1809 and would've gotten better results.

Jonathan is a helper at PE. The teacher told me today that he could probably get "community service" credits for that (like for the Bright Futures scholarship). I'm still very new to this having a teenager thing. I really thought I knew what I was doing with parenting and homeschooling and everything, but it is getting a little more complicated. I also had to break down and buy the math teacher's manual for the first time, apparently 7th grade math is my limit. I can figure it out pretty well with the answers though. On the otherhand I've never been one of those people to accept the theory that when they are little they have little problems and when they are big they have big problems. I'm not saying we won't have some big problems in the future, I'm just saying when your 6 lb first born has a stroke and spends a week in ICU, you quickly learn that just because they are little does not mean their problems are little.

Well, I had no idea I was going in that direction when I started this's that for stream of consciousness?


Leisa said...

Nice to hear what your thoughts are, Mine would look schizophrenic if I tried to put them all down. I am completely anti anything that pulls me out of the house right now. So Little League would put me over the edge, not that art, math tutoring, PE, HOUSE,Awana and park days don't have me teetering...

crispy said...

Interesting thoughts. Hope the scan shows only good things.

As for the math, I am impressed that you haven't had to have the teacher's manual until now.

And the whole idea of homeschooling teenagers just freaks me out just a little bit. So much to keep track of.

ann marie said...

Anthony quit LL. He said he didn't feel like doing it,but Kate is doing softball. She loves sports and loves competing so I think I may enjoy watching her more than I did Anthony, who basically goofed off during all the games.
Anthony had his A1C check today. I know it's not the same, but I know what you mean about tests and the stress that goes along with them.I woke up last week in cold sweat after having a dream about it.
I hope Mike gets good results.

Randi Sue said...

Dick is Mandi's coach. It will be interesting, because Levi has games the same nights on different fields.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I too love hearing your thoughts. Now I can't remember what I was going to comment on though.

I do hope Mike's test comes back fine.

And how cool about madi taking the initiative to google!

Good for you with sticking with exercising. Are you and Mike still walking too?

Julie said...

We're trying to walk, but truly not walking as much as before we had the wii fit (that and we're playing phase 10 every chance we get these days!)