Sunday, September 27, 2009


For today...Sunday night September 27, 2009. Our "Auntie" who we miss so much passed away 5 years ago tomorrow.

Outside my is dark, by the end of the week we should be able to turn off the AC and open the windows.

I am thinking...about so many things not the least of which is what a fun and FULL weekend it was. Yesterday we met Meme and Grampa Carlie for lunch and because it was "free museum day" we went to an art museum and sculpture garden, then we went to 4:00 Mass, then came home to eat supper, then Mike and I had Theatre work to do including selling tickets and watching a funny play, in the middle of all that we also cleaned out and defrosted our refrigerator and got the fall decorations down from the attic, and Jake perfected his ability to ride his bike without training wheels. Then today we went to Disney and then to BJs on the way home...I am worn out!!
Never one to hide his feelings, walking into the museum Jake said, "Whose idea was this anyway?"

Eventually the kids decided to be statues themselves.

I am thankful...that we are getting 15 months of Disney for the price of 12, and with the amount of times we go it amounts to about $5 a day!!

From the kitchen...the delicious smell of bread baking if filling the house, the only reason I'm still awake doing this is because I'm waiting for the bread to be done. Lots of yummy meals to come this week, since we just made a BJs run!! Chicken cobbler casserole is on the list, vegetable soup, and much more.

From the learning rooms...Catholic book club tomorrow. Jake will continue a few more days of The Bee Tree for FIAR, then I think we'll do Ferdinand next over the course of a week and a half because we have some busy field trip days coming up. Jonathan's Algebra 1 arrived in the mail and if his other math isn't done by the fifth, he'll be doing two different math programs each day. Madi's science was about the sun this week and as I was reading some of it with her I couldn't help but wonder how people who don't have the comfort that comes from the belief in God actually get out of bed in the morning. I mean everything about the placement of the earth, the heat of the sun, gravity, is so specific, if something changed a miniscule amount everything would be different. I mean we know God made it all and is in control, but how to people who don't know that fuction each day?

I am reading...I put A Tree Grows in Brooklyn aside (even though I'm liking it a lot) to read The Prince of Tides for a bookclub that I probably won't attend anyway (I mean how many bookclubs can one person really be a part of?) is REALLY long, and I have a really LONG way to go, but I'm liking that too. As a family we are listening to the Trumpet of the Swan. I'm also thinking I should read Charlotte's Web to Jake before we go see that play next week.

I am praying...for many people and enjoying watching those prayers be answered.

Here's a quote to ponder...
Isn't that a perfect homeschooling mom's shirt?!

I am listening to...the kids laughing hysterically downstairs when they really should be getting ready for bed.

Around the house...the bread "beeped" and I can go to bed shortly.

In our yard...the raintree is full of yellow flowers.

One of my favorite things...Disney!!

I am "googling"...after the Journey concert I googled them and found out that they found this new guy (who sounds EXACTLY like Steve Perry) on you tube!! He was in a Journey cover band in the Philippines!

I am DVR-ing...still Dancing with the Stars and the Brady Bunch. We have a lot of Leave it to Beavers to watch too!

I am sleep good tonight (I hope!).

A few plans for the rest of the addition to the usual, we will be celebrating Mike and Jonathan on Friday...Mike because two years ago on that day he almost died, and Jonathan because 14 (yes FOURTEEN) years ago that day he was born!!! Mike's not working that day. We'll go to EPCOT for Jonathan to get his Disney birthday money, then home in time for Theatre. Then Mike and I will prepare for the onslaught of a bunch of big boys here for pizza, cake, football, a fire, movies, games, and lots of laughs.

Some picture thoughts...
I've kept my haircut a secret from my blog and facebook because I wanted to surprise my mother in person, but now that she's seen it, I can put it here. Keep in mind I hate pictures of myself and I think I have "hat head" in this picture.


Shawnie said...

You look great...I hate pictures of myself too. I think I can smell your bread from here..LOL

Sounds like you had a great weekend, glad you enjoyed Disney. If we aren't in NC, we are going to go to Disney on the 18th to celebrate my Mike turning the big 50!

Tiffany said...

You had a really busy weekend! I think I'd need Monday off if that had been my weekend. :0) It all sounds so fun though! You guys definitely will get every penny out of 15 months of Disney passes!
Love the t-shirt. Maybe all of us homeschool moms should get a few and make that our "uniform."

Melissa said...

I love that t-shirt!!! I realized while reading this that I haven't talked to Sasha about Jonathan's birthday. I'll talk to him and let you know.

ann marie said...

I already told you last week that I LOVE your haircut, but I really do. You look so darn cute!
oh, like the t-shirt

Cindy said...

Great haircut-I was wondering becasue your mom had written on Facebook that she liked it-I don't like pictures of myself either! Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! And the shirt is great! You can definitely use those passes when we're down there in September! Have a great week!

DebiH. said...

I still love your haircut too! We are 100% decided on Disney passes instead of a week vacation but have to commit to saving up some extra cash before November! I'm so happy you guys decided to get them!
We are planning to get them just before Thanksgiving.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I'm jealous of the chicken cobbler- it is my favorite meal, ever I think, and my family isn't crazy about it. enjoy every bite for me!