Friday, September 25, 2009

Thoughts and pictures

I like fall as much as the next person, and I'll be thrilled when the high temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler than they are now, but I get very tired of the argument that Florida doesn't have a change of seasons. You just have to know where to look. Granted we don't have the vibrant colored leaves of New England, but for that beauty, Northerners also have to endure 6 months of grey. I'll take the few kinds of Florida trees that gradually change color and lose their leaves continuously from November through February. Especially because during that time most everything else stays green, and different flowers continue to bloom. Green is better than grey anyday!! The kids have been spending countless hours over the last few days riding bikes and scooters outside...they didn't do this in June, July and August during the day, it was too hot. They can do it now though, and for the next nine months and be quite comfortable.

Diwali is an Indian Hindu New Year celebration. Followers of the Hindu religion hang beautiful sand art paintings on their door to welcome visitors during this celebration. Interestingly enough, these are very similar to the saw dust carpets that we learned about and made last year, that Roman Catholics in Guatemala make and lay out as part of Palm Sunday celebrations.

Buddhist Monks in Medieval India painted "frescoes" on wet plaster on cave walls.

Last week while studying the Byzantine Empire, Jonathan and Madi made mosaics.

Not only just Jake use accents and intonations when he reads aloud...he does it upsidedown!


crispy said...

I love how you are sticking to that loving FL weather. It is icky in the summer but the rest of the year is beautiful. Enjoy as the seasons turn.

And cool job on the art. You are one good homeschoolin' mom.

DebiH. said...

Last year at this time, we had Hindu neighbors and late at night I heard VERY loud fireworks in their back yard! It took me a few days to figure out what was going on over there! It was their new year! I love the art too!