Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another week, another daybook...

For today... Tuesday November 10th.

Outside my open window...it is beautiful!

Around the house...my bedroom is covered in our "cruisewear" as Mike and I begin packing for our 15th Anniversary Second Honeymoon.

15 years ago...we'd booked a cruise for our honeymoon, but canceled it and bought a house instead. We went to a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont for our honeymoon...my parents came for part of it (my grandparents went on my parents honeymoon...it is sort of a family tradition...I plan for my kids to continue it) {Mike and I are the only ones going on this trip though}.

On Sunday...I went to an herbal health seminar and had a "compass scan".

Yesterday... I ordered the products that should help me obtain optimum health...plus I ordered two bottles of Silver Shield...as far as I'm concerned that stuff is better than gold!!!

Also yesterday...we made the hour long semiannual treck to the pediatrician for Jonathan and Jake's well check ups. It is a long drive with not the most organized or friendly staff, but so worth it. Our pediatrician is the BEST...I just love that lady! She is an MD and also certified in homeopathy, and is extrememly knowledgeable about all kinds of alternative therapies. She's not afraid to say that she thinks that American Academy of Pediatrics is crazy with the vaccine schedule for infants, yet she knows how important certain vaccines are and is vocal about how many of them save lives. She is equally vocal about how the government doesn't really know what they are talking about with regard to the Swine Flu. She is the best of all worlds!

And since we were near there anyway...after the docotor's visit we went to Disney.

Some Disney highlights from yesterday were... Madi and Jake realized that they could peek through the holes in the seat of the tram and watch they road...when we exited the tram Jake said, THAT WAS AWESOME!!

...we actually got to ride on the brand new TEAL monorail...it is not actually brand new, but made up salvaged parts from the pink and purple monorails that were in the accident this summer...how do I know all this? Jonathan is a "Disney Monorail Buff" and wrote a report on it. (we also drove past (in the car I mean) the round house where the monorails are parked when they aren't in use which was another big thrill!)

...Jake got a certificate for finding all of the hidden Mickeys in Mickey's Star Traders...there are 7...like his age!

Our favorite radio station... is having trouble raising the money that they need for their working budget...we already donated...did you?

While talking about radio stations yesterday... Jonathan mentioned that Radio Disney is an AM station and Madi thought that meant it was only on in the morning!!

Jonathan... got 100% on his Science test yesterday...he took it in the car.

Jake...seems to be having a little bit of a Fall Break from school which is OK since he started school in July!

Madi...is almost done with her Astronomy book and learned about Pluto yesterday...it is an interesting little planet (or not a planet as the case may be). It was discovered in 1930, so now she's going to figure out what came first the planet or Mickey's dog...we'll keep you posted!

We also need to google...how blood pressure cuffs were made before velcro...yesterday, Dr F wasn't sure so she wants Jonathan to find out and email her.


Deana said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting day!!! The doctor sounds great...would love to get her name :)

Cindy said...

I was gonna ask if your parents were going this time! Where are you going? (I don't think you mnetioned it! ) When do you leave? That's funny about Madi thinking AM radio meant it was on in the morning!

Melissa said...

Cool Daybook! Thanks! I want the blood pressure cuff info too.