Friday, November 27, 2009

Catch up pictures and Decorating

The first of our many annual Christmas traditions...


Madi's Thanksgiving/Anniversary card to cute!!

Minnie our guinea pig, who doesn't get the recognition she deserves...

Nana and Mr Glen and Charlotte came for a short visit this week. Mr Glen gave Jonathan a guitar lesson. We exchanged Christmas presents and it got us in the spirit!

Last Saturday was the baby shower for the Theatre directors, Joel and Amanda. Here the kids are soiling some baby doll diapers with lemon juice and chocolate syrup for a game for some dads to play. Joel, the dad-to-be, won that game. Madi won the clothespin can't say baby game because she was a relentless (and slightly embarassing) competitor...and some people gave her their pins...I think to get her to be quiet!

Last Friday we went on a mini field trip to a local greenhouse to learn about how running a business like that is more than just knowing how to grow plants. When I was in 7th grade we had something called career education where each friday for about 6 weeks we went on trips to learn about different jobs. Generally speaking I think my kids have a pretty good handle on a lot of jobs, but I'd like to go on more trips like this in the coming months.

I'm trying to decorate my blog for Christmas. It doesn't seem to be working, I can't get rid of the fall decorations. I chose to do this on my blog first because it is easier than doing it in the actual house. The jury is still out on if we are going to get our tree today or not. I'm thinking we are, but I think we're all too lazy to get moving on it...too much turkey yesterday! We've already visted the local Christmas tree forest today, but we tend to buy our tree at a cheaper place. Don't worry though, we did support the little guy by buying some kettle corn and roasting a few hot dogs...the place was packed! We'll be back again, I'm sure.

We've had our Christmas picture cards for a few weeks, but we seem to be stumped on the Christmas letter. We attempted one in the car on the way home from my parents' house today, but didn't get very far. We were having the kids answer different questions like the funniest thing about this year or what they learned, but two of them were generally answering the same thing and the third just answered with things like "how am I DUPPOSED to know?!" (misspelling intentional) Like I've always said I feel like the blog is a daily (or at least weekly) Christmas letter, so I don't want to say the same things. Anyone who really cares about what we are up to can read my blog (and judging by the amount of comments I get...that's not very many people!!)

Mike and I got married 15 years ago yesterday. We watched our wedding video at my parents' house last night. We all danced. It made me think it might be fun to have a mom's night out where we watch some of each other's wedding videos...who's in? On Wednesday at work Mike mentioned to someone that our anniversary was the next day. Her response..."oh you got married on Thanksgiving"...this reminds me of when we lived in Charlotte and used to hear a lot of..."Oh Thanksgiving is on Thursday this year?" Eye yi yi!


Tiffany said...

I LOVE the new blog design. I might have to copy you if I don't find something else I like as much. I know I won't find something I like more.
Love the pictures and all your thoughts. This always happen that I forget what I was going to comment on.
Oh yeah--I'm up for the girls night out watching our wedding videos. I don't have much because I didn't want the whole wedding videoed. That was dumb!

ann marie said...

So you were married on Thanksgiving? Interesting....did you serve turkey. Oh, I'm just kidding! I just wanted to leave a comment.

DebiH. said...

I think the wedding video's would be fun!
I can't believe you got married on Thanksgiving! Was it on a Saturday that year? :)

Cindy said...

Love the picture of Madi working the skirt and boots! Also the card she made is cute-love your initials together in the bottom corner!