Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

First some pictures in the picked over pumpkin patch... Jonathan as Darth Maul was frightening (the first scary costume any of my kids have ever had--and since it was Star Wars it can't really be considered too scary {it did freak me out a little though to look at it}. Madi was a big hit as lifesavers, some one took her picture and many people commented...on the other hand it was definitely the most complicated costume and she had to take it off everytime she got back on the hayride. Jake was cute and very happy as Jengo Fett, our group definitely has a lot of Star Wars fans. This was also the first Halloween that Jake didn't tire out before everyone else and he didn't ask to be picked up once...he is growing up!

Trick or treating...

Ah, the annual trading of candy (actually it is more than annual because these same kids traded candy on Easter too!)

Then on to another party for more fun and candy trading...

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Cindy said...

GREAT pictures! Jonathan's costume IS kinda scary and I LOVE Madi's (the headpiece is very creative). Funny that Jake was Jango Fett; that's what Tucker originally wanted to be (I have no idea who any of them are) but we couldn't find it in his size so he ended up a Clone Trooper (pretty similiar costume though!)
I love the pitures of the kids trading candy! Neat idea and fun!