Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daybookish thoughts

For today...Sunday November 1st.

It's a good thing...we had that extra hour last night because I've spent much more than that catching up on pictures etc.

I first ever cocktail dress yesterday for our upcoming cruise.

The kids and I...are heading to Tampa this evening, Mike is there for a trade show, he left this morning.

This upcoming full of field trips including a visit to the Museum of Science and Technology (MOSI) tomorrow, a living history Native American field trip on Wednesday, Jake is going to a pirate play on Thursday, and the Renaissance Faire on Friday.

In the midst of all that... I plan for the kids to get a lot of math done, and I'm not sure how much of everything else...I have high expectations but reality sometimes takes over.

I've caved...and starting writing down all of the events of the upcoming weeks. I usually try to keep it all in my head (and for the most part I succeed), but I think there comes a point where trying to fill your brain too much becomes detrimental.

I think...I've reached that point!

I have hardly...had any candy so far...the kids kept it with them a friends' house last night.

The candy is back (along with the kids) out!! making macaroni and cheese (Annies) essentially by himself for the third time this week. my only kid who is going to be in the next play (Seussical, Jake wanted a break and Jonathan is doing "tech" for it) she is a bird girl.

Jonathan...was very prepared for Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 by completing Singapore Math up to 6B. I knew I liked Singapore Math, and it is nice to know it really works...Singapore is inexpensive, heavy on mental math, and light on busy work. (so far we're liking Teaching Textbooks too)

I like...all of the curriculum we use, if I didn't like it we wouldn't use it!

My kids...really have "THE LIFE"


Melissa said...

Great to catch up with all your busy life and see the pictures.

ann marie said...

yeah, i guess i need to cave too and start writing things down...last week kate had a game and she almost missed it and then i double booked a field trip and an art class and really, i have no idea what i am trying to prove by not writing things's no longer working for me, it probably never was...i like madi's costume...

Tiffany said...

Fun daybook post...I might copy you again.
I've loved all the pictures and catch up. I would normally comment on every single post but I'm trying to limit my time on the computer...
I love the picture of Jake in the clam--cute!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a fun week ahead- we would love all that!