Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Daybook-y catch up post...

Here are some the Christmas events from the past week...

The lights at Hollywood Studios...

The annual Happy Birthday Jesus party always involves, the reading of The Christmas Story, collecting toys or money for a family in need, and running over the cake. This year we collected money for a beautiful family who is adopting two boys from Ethiopia. To learn more about them and to donate online go here. To see a video of the running over of the cake go here.

Some really good bread...I'm really getting the hang of this!

Puppysitting Mickey...

A wet, cold night at EPCOT's Christmas candlelight processional...this was taken with my phone because I forgot my camera.

Santa's Christmas tree forest...

For this evening Sunday December 20...5 more days til Christmas!!!!

Outside my window...all the lights that are going out there are there. We even have the projector thing that makes it look like snowflakes falling on the house.

In the oven...Mike made lasagna.

In the refrigerator...cookie dough is chilling and will go in the oven next. More of those chocolate crinkle ones...this time I have some peppermint kisses to put on them. (PS I don't add the nuts!).

Today... we also made some of Tiffany's famous pretzels with kisses and m&ms...they didn't come out looking too good because they were Halloween kisses (ie a little old) and they didn't melt so good (they taste just fine though!)

And today... we nursed poor Minnie back to health (I hope). Just before Mass this morning Mike noticed that she was kind of weak (he was giving her a carrot and she didn't pull it out of his hand). Well, we then noticed that there wasn't much poop in the cage. Well, after a little research we realized we are supposed to be giving her hay and shouldn't use cedar or pine bedding. (all of these things probably contributed to the death of our first guinea pig Marti two years ago) I think Minnie is going to be fine though and she now has plenty of hay, some oranges (she might not be getting the vitamin C she needs...again who knew?), and safe bedding. On that note does anyone want to "guinea pig sit" for three weeks while we are gone? Let me know!

AND today...Jonathan and Madi and I went to a nursing home with their Youth Group. Jonathan and Madi ended up playing a few rounds of UNO with a nice guy (who I think was there for some kind of rehab because he wasn't terribly old). I sat for quite awhile with a man who reminded me of Papa who was playing WAR with one of the kids. I lost a Christmas book there and am kind of bummed by that. Hopefully it is brightening someone's day...that would make it OK.

Speaking of old...can you believe I am older that Supernanny Jo Frost?! No, I can't believe it either!!

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Melissa said...

We'll keep Minnie for you. Could you email me that pic of Sasha and the boys at the tree farm. I love it!