Monday, December 7, 2009

Too lazy for a traditional Daybook

For today...December 7..."a day that will live in infamy..."

I let Jonathan sleep until 9:30 and we are moving in slow motion.

I'm about halfway through the mountain of laundry that is inevitable after show weekend.

Jonathan is currently playing "What Child is this?" on the piano...he's taught himself a lot of Christmas songs (and Theatre songs).

Jake is playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

Madi is playing with Minnie...the guinea pig.

Mommy is playing on the computer (as you can plainly see).

We will get some schoolwork done eventually.

This week seems to be shaping up to be not as calm as I had originally planned...but still MUCH calmer than last week!

Most of the Christmas decorations are up in the house, and Mike managed to get some of the outside lights set up between the show and the cast party yesterday.

Now Jonathan is playing Solla Solew (that probably isn't spelled correctly).

Am I the only one who can cry at Seussical songs?

Is it hormones?

We listened to a good book on CD last week...The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements...I could've cried at that too.

We have an extended winter trip coming up the day after Christmas...Mike has a lot of work to do in New Jersey and some in Washington DC. In addition to that Mike and I are going to be the godparents for a baby in New Hampshire...the Christening is January 10th...we'll be gone about 3 weeks. I'm getting cold thinking about it.

I plan to get a lot of schoolwork done in hotel rooms.

Speaking of schoolwork...better get moving...

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