Thursday, March 11, 2010

food etc

Grease opens tonight! Yesterday Jake and I made three batches of brownies (round brownies in the cupcake stone) for concessions. We also made some gingerbread cookies from a kit we had. For breakfast yesterday we made chocolate chip waffles. Little by little I'm learning to replace premade/ convenience foods with our own "slow food". I also made my own taco seasoning this week...I was winging the amounts and it was a little spicey, but everyone ate it, so around here that's considered a big hit!! Today's smoothie (some for the whole family) had spinach, watermelon that had seen better days, frozen blackberries, a frozen banana and kefir in it. Mike, Jonathan, Madi and I all love it, Jake not so much. Many of our friends are hooked on green smoothies that are actually green. We are including spinach in ours, but they are still berry color and we are happy that way. Maybe by St Patrick's Day we'll be ready to drink an actual green one! What do you put in your smoothie?

Here's something to ponder...

Focus on your home today. The world can find another volunteer, but your husband and children have only you.


DebiH. said...

OUr smoothies usually have just enough green in them to actually make them brown but so far the little ones like them just fine. I actually made my own syrup (for french toast) the other night. I stopped buying "fake syrup" and love the pure maple syrup but we were out of it. The homemade syrup was obviously still a lot of sugar but at least it was missing the high fructose corn syrup. The kids thought it was "weird" but they ate it.

ann marie said...

The girls makes smoothies but they usually just have yogurt and fruit in them, nothing special. Anthony would never drink a smoothie, not even if I paid him and if was green , oh forget about it. That would be the end.

Randi Sue said...

Right now, our smoothies just have kefir or yogurt and frozen fruit, usually cherries or blueberries.

This week, I started e-mealz, the one that Dave Ramsey recommends. Many of the meals have cream of- soups in them, so I am attempting to make homemade soup to put it them. I have done it once or twice, but will be doing it several times this week.

I also started making my own taco seasoning. too.