Friday, March 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. I finished a great puzzle the other night. The Vermont one that we got at the Ben and Jerry's Factory. The ice cream was good, but the puzzle yielded much more satisfaction.

2. I stole these two pictures from Tiffany's blog, they were taken by OBM aka Snapshots of Grace photography. These pictures were taken last week. I love them!!

3. Jake was clubber of the month at AWANA the other night.

4. We've mostly gotten our three hours a day of schoolwork in. Jonathan was gone all day today because he went to see the Shakespeare play All's Well that Ends Well. Jake has gotten the hang of "carrying" in math, so much so that he doesn't actually write the number up at the top (I still do even in the checkbook).

5. GREASE is next week! In a few minutes I'm taking Madi and some of the other kids to Chick-fil-a for a mini performance. All you locals...come see it!! Jonathan (Sonny) and Madi (Jan) have their main parts on Thursday and Saturday.

6. I'm really mentally trying to focus on simplifying our lives and yet, we can't seem to find anything that we'd want to cut out. The oportunities are just too good! We are decluttering a lot, so that is something. I'd really like to de-clutter the schedule, but I'm not sure how.

7. What do you do when...'re planning on going to Disney, but two of your kids don't even want to go?'re son was supposed to unload the dishwasher before going to see a play, but while you were in the shower, his ride came early so the dishwasher didn't get unloaded and his retainer didn't make it back into his mouth?

...your first child had a blood sugar issue as a toddler and so to get him to eat (to live) you let him eat whatever he wanted. This carried over to the other children and while the first child with the original problem is a good and fairly adventurous eater the others are not?'re trying to make your families lives healthier phyisically, mentally, and do you decide what is really important, and what is just extra?

I think I know the answers... these circumstances are unique to my family and the answers are as well. There really is no one right way to do it is there?!

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Melissa said...

I like no. 7. I agreee, we all have these kind of questions unique to our particular families.

oneblessedmamma said...

We have the Disney isue too sometimes-particularly with the eldest. Funny, no? Growing up, I would have given ANYTHING to go! We are going Monday for Sari's b'day.
We have the same issues too with chore left undone because it's "time to go". Let me knw when you find the solution!

Steph said...

You are right on! Every answer is different. Lots of times answers change even within the same family!

Hilarious about Disney...I think I will blog about that!