Sunday, March 28, 2010

High School Prep update

I have been eating, sleeping and breathing thoughts about high school courses lately. Everytime I find myself with a free moment (which isn't very often) I think, "Oh, let me think about high school!" The thing is I'm excited about the courses! I guess in a way I'm living vicariously through my kids (kind of like I do with Theatre!) I don't know about you, but in college specifically, I was thrilled when the new course listings came out. I just love that kind of stuff. In my early days of parenting I always picked up those adult ed class brochures, and I'm just realizing they don't have a ton of that around here (or maybe I just haven't looked lately)(maybe I should start looking again). I took an herb class in CT when Madi was a baby. The Friday of the Homeschool Convention is literally my second favorite day of the entire year (of course Christmas is #1!). Yes, I am a curriculum junkie! (Aren't all homeschool moms?) A few weeks ago, I was getting a little stressed with the thoughts of, "my first baby is almost grown" etc. When a friend mentioned taking it slower and easier with her kids next year, I got a little envious thinking that it is too late for that for us. But the thing is we've been fairly slow and easy all along and Jonathan is still prepared for high school. Mike and Jonathan weren't not nearly as "into" this high school planning as I am, but when I made them come up to the computer and look at some of the virtual classes offered, Jonathan got pretty excited about it. He'd still prefer Rosetta Stone for Spanish (Caryn, he might be coming to your house sometimes to hang out and try yours), but he's on board with the idea of taking in virtually. He was very interested in some of the other courses offered (like economics, and different computer, career, and business classes). He caught on to the whole prerequisite thing, and so he's thinking maybe he'll take Geometry before Algebra 2 (because it is a prereq for a computer programming class). So the bottom line is, he's now involved in the planning and making it "his own". Although right now he's downstairs playing rockband, and I'm pretty sure he's not thinking about it at all, and I'm here on a Sunday afternoon (when I could be napping) blogging about it. I guess that's a mom for ya!


Randi Sue said...

I'd love to talk to you about your plans.

Melissa said...

I'm with you - thinking, thinking, endless high school thoughts.