Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Daybook

Outside my window~ It finally feels like Florida again, I wonder how long this will last. It looks a lot browner than I'd like though (especially in the backyard!)

I am listening to~ Jake hic-upping.

I am wearing~ jeans and a green sweater, no socks or slippers (which have been constantly on my feet for about a month and a half!)

I am grateful for~ Mike who is home today.

I am pondering~ ways to slow down and do less. A lot of people are talking about naming their year and I've seen thoughts on a year of "yes" (as in Mom, will you play with me? yes and Mom, will you read to me? yes) Those are ultimately great ideas, but for myself I need to turn it around and say no to some of the other things that might ask for (or demand) my attention so that I will be able to say yes to the best things. Just because something is free or fun or even educational doesn't mean we have to do it. This is going to be my year of "no"!

I am reading~Lunch Money by Andrew Clements (yes, it's a kid book and I'm reading it all by myself) We love Andrew Clements around here some favorites are School Story, Frindle, Things that Are, Room One, and The Report Card.

I am creating~ A huge laundry pile for the new washer that will be delivered this afternoon. Our old one died earlier in the week.

From the learning room~ We'll be back at it on Monday. My last post was all about this so I'll spare you anymore details. (Although I did want to add, I realized that I might've come across a little braggy about all the kids' A's. Maybe I am a little braggy actually, but the thing is we've never done grades before, they've never even taken "real" classes before so it is just nice to know that our little "homeschooling experiment", delayed academics and all is really turning out just fine).

To live the liturgy~ I got this book and this planner so I'm ready!!

Around the house~ Most of "Christmas" will get packed away on Sunday ;(! We'll try to keep some of it out in our home and in our hearts all year though!

From the kitchen~ might make some more cookies today. We are drinking a lot of coffee over here with this new Keurig! As long as I have flavored creamer (and mostly decaf coffee) I'm loving it! Madi is too!

One of my favorite things~ Christmas!

A few plans~ Trying to keep the slower pace of this past week, when we ease back into reality next week. Jonathan and Jake have well visit Dr appointments on Wed (they were postponed from Nov) and we should find out the results of Madi's latest bloodwork. We've still doing all we can to "treat" her thyroid without medication and would love to see that it is working. Actual Theatre doesn't start until the following week, but there is a "meet and greet" at the new theatre on Tuesday.

Here's a pic of Mickey enjoying his Christmas rawhide bone!


ann marie said...

happy new year!!!

Cindy said...

happy new year, Jul!

Randi Sue said...

It looks like you dog is on a farm, in the hay!

Tiffany said...

Happy New Year! I didn't think you came across as braggy about your kids' A's, I would be proud too. As homeschoolers I think we all can't help but wonder how our kids measure up compared to the public school standards.
I love Andrew Clements books too--School Story and Frindle are my favorites but I enjoyed Lunch Money too--I read it on an airplane two years ago. I love reading "kids" books. There are a lot of good ones out there and they are usually a fast read.

Terri said...

I had a summer of YES! a couple of years ago. It was really great. I tried to be really mindful of remembering to do it. Hmm...think I need to get back to that.

bfarmmom said...

smooches mickarooni