Tuesday, December 14, 2010

writing slump

I think I'm in one. A writing slump that is. I'm thinking maybe there are seasons for writing and I feel more like I am in a reading phase than a writing one. It was like pulling teeth to get our Christmas letter written this year. Ironically, it was because I feel like I blog a "Christmas letter" all the time, although not much recently. Blogs and facebook have changed keeping in touch. We don't need to wait 365 days to find out who did what this year. Still I wish more people would write and send a Christmas letter every year. I also wish they'd blog and update facebook, but maybe that's because I am in a reading phase.

It is cold right now! So cold we opted not to go to Disney today even though we were free until 4:30 (unless you count housework and schoolwork). Our Disney tickets expire this weekend and that's always a sad time for me. Jonathan, too, is a big Disney guy. He really wanted to go today, but eventually Madi and Jake convinced him that home was good too. They are currently watching the Jim Carey Grinch as a sort of reward/bribe for staying home.

I am trying very desperately to do less. I am also trying desperately to keep track of all of the things that we must do. Twice recently I've "double booked" us. Both times it has worked out, but I'm hoping this will teach me a lesson. I ordered a "planner" this morning and my New Year's resolution is to actually use it. AND to go back and look at what is already planned before I plan something else.

I was sick last week. I think it was the flu. I think that because I felt like death and because Mike got a flu shot this year and did not catch whatever it was I had. I felt really bad for 3 days. My voice still isn't right and I still have a little cough, but otherwise I'm as good as new. Once again Silver Shield came to my rescue (well that and oscillocoxinum and elderberry and vitamin D and emergen-C). I'm convinced that if I wasn't popping immune boosters like crazy, I'd still be sick now. Because of my sickness, we crossed Disney off of our "things we will do" list three times last week. That is what makes the end of the tickets even harder. The thing is we've gone about a bazillion times in the 15 months of our passes, but still it's sad to see it come to an end. I think was is especially hard this time is thinking things like...the next time we have Disney passes Jonathan will be driving us down there! You see it's not so much the Disney passes as it is the passing of time that is getting to me!


ann marie said...

You're alive, you're alive!!! But I may never see you again :) I'm telling you, missing you at Mass on Sunday is still making me laugh. Maybe next Sunday I can "peace" you for real and not just in thought. I forced myself to post today because it had been close to two weeks and I knew if I went any longer it may never happen again. Maybe it's the cold weather that's causing the writing slump. Okay, hoping to see you again in person before the end of the year.

Tiffany said...

Hey--I've missed your blog posts. I hope you get out of your writing slump soon!
I can't believe that Jonathan will be driving the next time you have Disney passes, that's crazy!! You guys are truly Disney fans...after just a year or two of passes I was over it and still am.