Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is a homeschooling blog afterall...

I think I've posted more today than I have in about 2 months. One reason is because I've spent the better part of the day on the real computer (as opposed to quick checks ipod!) The kids are on here all the time because of their virtual classes, but since this is more or less a week off, I've had some time on here. What am I researching? School! More virtual classes, book lists, and (dare I say) even college admission requirements. So since we are half way through the school year and the computer is in my possession, here's a quick (or maybe not quick, we'll see) review of the year...

Jake is cruising through math like there is no tomorrow. Today we were discussing our soon to be implemented chore plan, and I was saying a part of that will also involve less screen time and consistent silent reading time. His quick reply was, "I read my math!" He is a good reader for a second grader, he just doesn't, at this point, choose silent reading as an activity (it isn't very active afterall). He will be done with his Language Arts Curriculum well before the end of the school year, and may move right into the third grade book before summer.

Jonathan and Madi got all A's on all of their virtual school classes. Madi's Art class is done and she got 100%. She will continue with her science class next week and may pick up another half year virtual class. I'm thinking Career Education. I had Career Education in 7th grade. I remember it well because it involved a lot of field trips. Madi's will be a little different because it will mostly involve sitting at the computer, but since her whole life is field trips, I think it'll be OK. I googled a lot about virtual classes offered by other states and came to the conclusion that our state definitely offers the best and brightest virtual schooling option. My current outline for Jonathan's sophomore year is heavily weighted in the virtual school direction (like to the tune of 5 virtual classes and one computer based math class). I may change my mind on this (and he will have some say too), but these classes just make perfect sense for high school homeschoolers. Jonathan's Spanish teacher was taking a while to post his final grade and come to find out the reason was that he was thisclose to an A, so she had him resubmit a few assignments and there came the A!

Our History is a little lagging this year. For one thing it's Ancients, we're more of an American History family. The other reason is all of us are doing it together and getting me and the three kids all in the same place at the same time is a little challenging. Also, the idea of a "real" teacher on the other side of the computer tends to put more pressure on the kids (and me) to focus more on those subjects. Lastly, for the last 4 or 5 years History has been our main focus, so it's fallen down a peg or two to give us a little more focus on other stuff.

Jonathan is exactly at the half way point in his Physical Science class, and I have to say he and I are both liking it a lot more than the Apologia General Science we did last year. Madi is taking a pretty good virtual general science class this year, so I think she'll go right into Physical next year. Jonathan was cruising like Jake in his math (Geometry) and somewhere around Thanksgiving that seemed to take a backseat. He'll still be done in plenty of time to get a summer break though. And the good news is this is the first year that everything didn't come to a screeching halt at Thanksgiving, so I think we're doing pretty well. His Driver's Ed is done (I think he got 100% in that) and we will be heading to the DMV in the next week or so....aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Randi Sue said...

Levi finished his virtual art class, too.

Randi Sue said...

I know you have heard stories like this before, but at Jake's age, he refused to read for pleasure. He would only occasionally read information books.

The way he started reading stories, was I conveniently wasn't able for finish a read aloud and he just had to know how it ended.

Now, at 12, he reads constantly. If he finds a book he really likes, he reads it multiple times.