Friday, January 24, 2014


1. I wasn't going to do this today, but it's becoming sort of a routine and it's lazier than vacuuming so here I am.

2.  I'm currently not even sure if Mary is home or not.  My afternoon involved riding with Madi to St Patrick's (she drove), driving from there to Jake's school, driving from the school home to drop Jake and the neighbor off, driving back to St Pat's to get Madi, she then drove to the theatre.  I ran in to talk to Jonathan for a sec then drove back home to get Jake.  This time I came in the house for about 5 minutes, then I drove Jake back to the theatre.  (Then I came home.)  In less than an hour I will drive back to the theatre to pick up Jake as well as another boy that we need to drive home.  Then I will drop Jake off at a bon fire/ pizza / s'mores gathering that he is going to with friends from school, THEN Mike and I are using our $20 off at OUTBACK!!  Yay!  Not sure why I found the need to relive all of that, it was almost as exhausting the second time as the first.
This is not a picture of Jake's event, I just saw it on fb and stole it!

3.  Mike took my car to work today which means with all of the driving I was missing my Catholic channel on satellite radio and my seat warmer (the temp has gotten no where near 60 today).  In exchange I did have Barry Manilow blaring when I was alone, and kids to chat with when I wasn't.

4.  Jake had his school spelling bee yesterday.  In spite of not being a natural speller, he did well.  I noticed that being comfortable on the stage with a microphone in hand goes a long way.   He got out the round before the winner, so he made it respectable.

5.  Some thing else on fb that caught my eye today was a post about cooking meatballs.  A lot of people find it unfathomable to put raw meatballs in the sauce and cook it that way.  REALLY??!!  That is how you make meatballs.  It's certainly how we make them around here and YUM!!  The other day Jonathan commented that frozen meatballs should not even be a thing.  I agree that frozen Italian meatballs and instant mashed potatoes are unnecessary in society and not worth eating.  This in no way implies that we don't eat more than our share of convenience foods, just that I'd rather go without than eat those two.  Interestingly enough, I'm a big fan of frozen meatballs in the crockpot with cranberry sauce and chili sauce AKA sweet and sour meatballs.  Those I love and I don't see that working so well with homemade, but for Italian meatballs, homemade cooked in the sauce all the way!!

6.  Ok driving all over creation, meatballs, seems like I've covered just about everything.

7.  I spent most of Wednesday watching EWTN's coverage of the March for Life.  I've never really been a huge activist, but I think I'm getting there.  Madi and I are hoping to go to the march next year.  And speaking of activism, I'm starting it with this comment.

Julie Trahan Scaringella I've been thinking about this all night. Sadly there are Catholics / prolifers who are hateful, and the stereotype is even worse. That is not the teaching of the church though, nor does it describe most people. I spent most of yesterday watching the coverage of the march on EWTN, and have my car tuned to Catholic Radio. It is said that abortion leaves one dead and one (or more) wounded. It is our job to love the wounded, we are called to compassion, mercy, and prayer. We shouldn't be quiet about our beliefs. This is how we dislike the sin and love the sinner. The amount of youths at the march was awesome, Madi and I are hoping to go next year.
The cat is officially out of the bag as far as my not using our last names on here, not sure who I was trying to hide from anyway.
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Jennie C. said...

As per my imported-from-Italy great grandmother, we fry our meatballs first, THEN put them in the sauce. But I'm sure your way is good, too. :-)

Also, I would be overjoyed with temps in the thirties right now. We've spent way too much time in the single digits this month, with too-frequent forays into the negatives. On three different days, I've had to keep livestock indoors! Unheard of around here!

Ah, well... Only 8 weeks till spring, right? Have a great weekend!

ann marie said...

I never make meatballs. It's one of those things that, if I can't have my Nana's, my mom's, my sister's or my brother's, I just don't bother. I'm not good at making them. My Nana always fried hers for a few minutes, just till brown on the outside and then put them in the sauce to cook. Now it is interesting you talk about the instant mashed potatoes as my husband and daughter are at this very moment ( can you believe it!!) eating them! Jane just told me how good they were and I kind of laughed.I started using them the year we started homeschooling. I doctor them up and I must say, they are quiet good. Actually the year I started homeschooling my cooking seemed to take a turn for the worse! We make homemade a lot too. But I never peel them. We like ours homemade mashed potatoes with lumps and skin and cream cheese and garlic and butter. Very healthy! Liked your facebook post.