Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cowboy day

Jake had cowboy day at preschool today. Doesn't he look great? He had fun too except for his hat getting torn, Madi's stick horse that he borrowed getting ripped, and bumping his cheek trying to get into his seat in the car! Actually he really did have a good time even though those things happened.

My poor husband Mike on the other hand is not having such a fun day. He was diagnosed with an ulcer in July and has been taking medication for it. He was in excrutiating pain when he first got it, but has been symptom-free since about 3 days after he was diagnosed. Well, last Friday night he started having pain from it again (remember a tornado hit here Thursday night), and he has had pain on and off since then. Last night was terrible. He went back to the doctor today and will see a specialist tomorrow. He is of course still working at both his real job and dealing with all of the rental house stuff during all of this. Please keep him in your prayers.

Jonathan and Madi had another fun day at their homeschool camp. Because they are learning about life in the early 1900's at their camp, they have been playing the things kids would play in "the olden days". They've been playing "marbles" all afternoon. (Actually first we made cookies with the Kisses that we have left from our trip to Hershey). Jonathan is more coordinated than I expected on a pogo stick and is apparently the reigning jump rope champ!

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Leisa said...

I am praying for Mike. I know that ulcer pain can be excrutiating. Hopefully they can prescribe some medicine to calm it down