Sunday, September 9, 2007

OK now from Elizabethtown/Hershey,PA

Ahhh, finally a chance to get back online. I am using Mike's work laptop which amazingly can get wireless access from the "KOA Kamping Kabin" that we are staying in right now. Of course, I am having trouble with this computer and already posted an empty blog, but I think I'm on the right track now... Since I last posted we went to the North Carolina Zoo and had a great time. Yesterday we spend the night with friends in Charlotte in their amazing 5000+ square foot home! We had a great time. Also yesterday we drove by our first home (where we lived when Jonathan was born) and spent a torturous TWO HOURS at JIFFY lube waiting to get our oil changed. "Someone" recently wrote some negative comments about northerners in their blog (and while I didn't disagree that many northerners are rude) I couldn't resist this opportunity to comment on the slowness of some southerners...come on it's JIFFY lube...Two hours?! We had a LOONG drive today through Virginia and arrived at the campground just before dark. We unpacked quickly (much easier when you are staying in a cabin as opposed to a tent!), and then Jake and I headed to the playground. He was so funny. He was really concerned that there might be bears around ("I don't like these trees they remind me of woods") and he thought it might be better in the morning when he was pretty sure the bears would be asleep. He then thought an airplane was a spaceship and thought he saw a man by the swing set..all this and he still wanted to play there. I told him he was very brave, especially when he saw a tank (like a heating oil tank) and commented that the ovals on top looked like scarey eyes! He has a very active imagination!! We roasted hot dogs over the fire for supper and now everyone is asleep except for me. I have a cold and can't breathe...what a pain! All day I've been asking myself why I don't appreciate it more when I can breathe! When someday I am able to again..I plan to appreciate it. So if you are reading this and can breathe, please enjoy it for me!

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Tiffany said...

Are you going to visit Hershey town or whatever it is called? Come home soon!