Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're still hanging in there

Well, this weekend has gone pretty uneventfully compared to what we were anticipating on Friday. We never heard from the doctor about Mike's blood tests or ultrasound. We're going under the assumption that that is good news. Mike did try to contact the answering service on Saturday morning, but they had no results for that doctor. Jonathan and Madi both spent Friday night with friends. Saturday Madi, Jake and I went to a Pampered Chef Party where I agreed to have a party of my own in November. Then Madi and I hosted our Mother Daughter Book Club. It was a really good meeting. The daughters and mothers all loved the book. I personally really enjoyed it and also thought is was great for Madi because the main character was not like anyone she knows (and someone she herself said she wouldn't want to be friends with). The character grew and learned throughout the book and I think all of the readers did as well. The book was The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Patterson, and I highly recommend it. I think it was the first book Madi has read that has bad words in it (unless you count Junie B Jones and the STUPID smelly bus). Right after the bookclub, we headed to the mall to get our book for next month (Homesick by Jean Fritz), I hope I like it as much as Gilly.

Today was mostly an at home day except for Church. Mike is feeling a lot better. I think we'll all feel even better once he talks to the doctor in the morning and we see what our next step is. I made a lot of mini cupcakes for Jonathan to take to Theatre on Tuesday for his birthday. I also made a round and a square cake that is hopefully going to be made into a "watch cake" for Jake for the bowling party next weekend. We are celebrating both boys' birthdays at the bowling alley on Saturday. I have a Cake's for Kids cookbook and Jake picked the watch (yes like a clock you wear on your wrist). I think I'm going to make a radio cake for Jonathan. At dinner tonight Jake's plate fell to the floor and shattered. It was a total accident (and I didn't even get upset), but it was ironic because more often than not Jake has a plastic plate, but tonight he had a real fiesta-wear one. Then a few minutes ago (while I was blogging), and apple pie was ready to come out of the oven and Madi said she'd do it. No sooner did she say that then..."Mmmmooommmm help".... the pie fell in the oven. Most of it was saved, but I had used all of my patience when Jake broke the plate, so I wasn't as gracious as I could've been. (also I was upset with myself for staying on the computer instead of going to get it out myself). On that note, I will go enjoy what is left of the pie with my family, and sign off for now.

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Leisa said...

The book club sounds really neat. I love Jean Fritz books we have read several last year. Let me know if you have a spot for Maddy & I for the next bbok.