Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day Book

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Outside my window...It is just starting to get light'll be another sunny day.

I am thinking...about filling out my bracket for the NCAA tournament, the beautiful space shuttle launch, and how I'm missing Mike...I hate when he's away.

I am thankful parents...we spent the night at their house last night...we are heading home in a little while.

From the kitchen...we had my favorite pizza and greek salad with my parents last night, tonight will be something simple, I haven't made a meal plan yet for this week.

From the learning rooms...I had decided Jake will do Five in a Row next year, and now I'm leaning towards doing less of what he's been doing (My Father's world first grade) and starting that now, he is so smart and not a good cooperator, but I'm thinking making it a little more fun at this point wouldn't hurt. Jonathan and Madi are still in the "roaring 20's"... I took a great picture of Madi as a "flapper" last night...using stuff that belonged to my grandmother (Mugga) and her mother (Gramma Kitty...who passed away when I was in third grade). We're also trying to quickly work through our latest science book (Human Body), lots of math, and writing club will start Thursday.

I am creating...Madi and I made Sari hot pink playdough and a Winnie the Pooh and Tigger purse for her birthday...does that count?

I am wearing...jammies.

I am reading...actually I am listening to Marley and Me on a "playaway" digital audio device from the's very cool. I also borrowed two books from OBM that I plan to read this week.

I am hoping...for a good week!

I am hearing...the kids watching Pet Star with Mario Lopez.(we are palnning a "new regime" at our house including no "screen time" until all responsibilities are done...but we're at my parents so they are catching a break)

Around the house...We had Sari and Mr OBM's party at our house on Saturday (31 kids)...and it is pretty clean.

One of my favorite parents' outside shower.

I am going... to take an outside shower when I finish this.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Implimenting our "new regime", babysitting today instead of tomorrow and then a visit with some old friends, St Patrick's Day tomorrow--PE, the park, Theatre, Little league practice and Mike home tomorrow night, prety typical rest of the week--running like maniacs and trying to squeeze in some schooling along the way. I think the weekend is pretty calm though...I hope.

A picture thought... My father and "bracketology"...


ann marie said...

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE March Madness, always have, always will, I am so excited about it and I really don't care who knows! Love the picuter of your dad doing his brackets...
the outdoor shower sounds neat...

Cindy said...

I am so excited it is March Madness time! The "roarin' twenties" sound like fun. Great picture of your dad!

Randi Sue said...

Levi was like that at that age. I knew he could read, but he refused to do it in front of me. He finally showed me when I pulled out the Phonics Game. After that I had proof that he could read, so he cooperated a little better. Also, if he did not see the point in doing it, he would not. worksheets were out! Now if he was helping me make a list or if it was part of something he was doing on his own, he had beautiful handwriting and would write until the job was done, no complaints.