Monday, March 2, 2009


For Today...Monday March 2nd.

Outside my window... it is sunny, cool, and very windy!!

I am thinking... about all that I want to accomplish today.

From the learning rooms...Catholic book club today, then home for hopefully more schoolwork. Jonathan and Madi (and I) are really getting into WW1, I never learned anything about this in school! Our lives are so full and schoolwork seems to always be the first thing dropped (eventhough I know they are always learning), but I'm really trying hard to make sure we keep plugging along--mainly because it is so interesting to me! Jake's on day 101 today! He's reading really well.

I am thankful for...Theatre and...

I am hopeful that... Theatre will continue--there are a number of places meeting today to discuss our practicing and or performing at their of them is right around the corner from our house...there's that extra hour in the day I've been looking for!!

From the out the refrigerator and freezer...the water on the door still isn't working. It is apparently frozen, but we can't shut off the freezer without shutting off the refrigerator, SOOO we have to eat everything first! I made home made tortillas last week, and then made delicious chicken enchiladas with them...I want some more!!!

I am wearing... white silky jammies and fuzzy red socks.

I am reading...Twilight (still) it is a long book, and I had a busy week.

I am creating... a happy home?!

I am hearing...not much of anything at the moment...just the Beauty and the Beast songs still in my head. I think I had the only kids in the whole show who came home from the closing show and still practiced some more (not just Jake either...all three of them...Madi was even singing really loud (she doesn't usually sing for us unless we are in the audience of 100 or more people).

Around the house... don't was show weekend remember!

One of my favorite things... a hot bath after a long day.

A few plans for the rest of the work, going to church most nights with week for the lenten mission, Jake's Tball games, and maybe even a little relaxing! Disney Sat and Sun and then our tickets expire.

Here is a picture STORY I am sharing with you...Saturday's parade...


ann marie said...

Cute pictures.
I'm really looking forward to church this week (and book club in a couple of hours).

Cindy said...

great pictures