Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

For you Thursday Thirteeners...I'm sticking with last week's picture, I like it better than this week's. For everyone are 13 things I've been meaning to blog about and haven't made the time...

1. Space Shuttle Discovery taken with my phone

2. Jake, Madi, and Hannah after Beauty and the Beast

3. Jonathan taking apart the set after Beauty and the Beast...he loves the behind the scenes stuff

Yes, that's Jake's little head right near the power drill...yikes, I just noticed that!

4-8 The kids on a recent hike

9. I love these brooms that look like they are dumping the flowers out of their buckets...I want that in our yard!

10. The kids with Pinocchio from our "end of our passes" trip to Disney

11. Madi as a "flapper" from the "roaring 20's"

12. The jello Madi made ( a dessert that became popular in the 20's with the availability of was around as early as the 1800's, but people couldn't make it because they didn't have refrigerators)

13. Our broccoli

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crispy said...

The broccoli looks great.

Cindy said...

Great list-Madi looks so grown up in the flapper picture!

ann marie said...

Madi looks so cute.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

love it all.

Randilin said...

Photo number 1 looks so cool.

DrillerAA said...

You need to get started on those posts. There is some great blog fodder here. Disney is always good.
Have a wonderful T13

bfarmmom said...

Wow you guys are busy. But always in a good way. You rock girl!!

atotallydifferentperson said...

This is the 1st I've seen of this and I like it!
I think I've been to that hiking spot. It was like 5 years ago but I remember being so happy that it was so close and surprised to enjoy it so much.
Thanx for the sweet compliment!