Monday, July 6, 2009


For today Monday July 6th...Tiffany's birthday!

Outside my's hot.

I am thinking...about the monorail crash at Disney the other night. The driver that died was a 21 year old college student whose dream job was driving the monorail. (Jonathan is a huge monorail fan and someday would like to drive it) When the DC METRO crashed a few weeks ago, just after we'd been on it, we had a family discussion about how the monorail never crashes and how safe it is--in 38 years at the Disney World this is the first monorail death.

I am thankful...for a healthy family.

From the kitchen...hmm, not sure yet, I just had cheerios and blueberries. We have some leftovers from the weekend including a yummy pasta salad we made yesterday with cheese, pepperoni, and roasted red peppers. At some point this week we'll have some kind of chicken, some kind of pork, homemade pizza, and more than a few sandwiches (it is another show week--this time with none of my kids in it, but we'll still be at every show).

From the learning rooms...current events--both Jonathan and Madi read everything about the monorail in the newspaper this morning. They also both have another week of kids' college, Jonathan has "homework" every night in his Harry Potter class, and Madi's Jr Forest Rangers class has done a lot of great science experiments. Jake is getting into the Presidents and loves asking questions from the two Presidents placemats that we have on the kitchen table. He is convinced he doesn't want to be in the next summer show either (Thoroughly Modern Millie)--which is up to him, but if he really ends up not doing it, he'll "start school" in a few weeks, that way we'll have some leeway with him to take more breaks when Jonathan and Madi are "doing school".

I'm creating...huge lists of books I want to read and books I want the kids to read.

I am wearing...what I slept in a Florida Blood Centers shirt and pink jammie pants.

I am reading...Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. Next is Always Looking Up by Michael J Fox.

I am lose weight before Mike and I go on our anniversary cruise in November.

I am hearing...not much, Jake is downstairs on the Wii, but I can't hear him, he and I are the only ones home.

Around the house...I haven't really gotten into any big summer house projects yet...I'm not very motivated. We did a lot more yard work this's looking good.

One of my favorite things...Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanutbutter--it is out of this this world !!

I am drive back and forth to Theatre and kids' college a ton this week.

A few plans for the rest of the week...lots of books to read, games with Jake, watching Bye Bye Birdie 4 times and trying not to be disappointed in the fact that none of my kids are in it.

A picture thought...
more trip pictures still to come....


Wilma C said...

Where did you get your Florida's blood Centers t-shirt? Are you a donor?

crispy said...

You aren't the only one, I am not very motivated this morning too.

Cindy said...

I thought of you when I heard about the monorail crash.I love that you're making out lists of books, I always seem to be doing that! I was probably the only parent thrilled with the lists of books they gave out at the end of the year because I love that sort of thing! ( we got one from his teacher and one from his reading lab techer-lots and lots of books!)

Tiffany said...

I can't believe about the monorail crash! I just sort of thought Disney was immune to that sort of thing.
Amen to the Dark Chocolate Dreams!