Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Take a chance challenge #9

Poetic Review. Write a book review in three different forms of verse: haiku, limerick and free verse. (You can pick any book you want to write about.)

Here's my first entry in the Take a Chance Challenge...

I read Always Looking Up by Michael J Fox and figured it was a good one to write poems about (since I couldn't squeeze it into any other categories). So here is my take of the book in haiku, limerick, and free verse.


First a TV star
Such a talented actor
Now an advocate


We all watched him on our TVs
He starred in many movies
His finger began to twitch
His career he had to switch
Let's help him to cure his disease

Free Verse

Michael J Fox is his name
Canada is where he was born
Alex P Keaton, Marty McFly
He is such a likable guy

Parkinson's is his cross to bear
Sometimes he cannot stop moving
Other times it is hard to keep still
He has to take many pills

He has a great wife
And four beautiful children
He looks at his life as heaven while some consider it hell
The controversy is stem cells

IVF creates many embryos
Most will never be born
Their cells may help the living
Maybe your mom or grandpa

A lot to think about

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cdgantz said...

I smiled throughout the post! Great job! Now you just need to take a commonly known song and make verses about your kids. (If you don't know what I am talking about, just ask one of my kids to sing "Born on a Plateau.")

crispy said...

You impressed me. Good job. Not sure I could have done as well as you did.

Cindy said...

Great job! I'm still trying to figure mine out!

Jenners said...

This was fantastic! I particularly enjoyed the limerick! Great job rhyming TVs and movies -- I don't think I would have thought about it. And the haiku does a nice job of summing up his career. And the free verse did a wonderful job of presenting the basic info about the book and giving me a feel for the issues he covers. Who knew poetry could be so suited to book reviewing.


kaye said...

he has done a lot of good service for the world. sounds like a good read. and your poems were also very good reading. my poetic review is here thanks for stopping by.