Monday, July 13, 2009


For today Monday July 13th.

Outside my window...the mulch pile in the driveway is getting smaller and smaller as we continue to work on the backyard.

I am thinking...about getting the house organized and preparing at least a rough schedule of what the coming school year is going to look like.

I am thankful...for all of our blessings.

From the last weeks craziness we managed to eat all of the leftovers, so now we'll start fresh again...with what exactly I'm not sure...definitely tortellini soup, then we'll go from there.

From the learning rooms...I'm going to attempt to get everything organized...Jake's schoolwork was set up in the kitchen last year, but I'm going to move it to the library (front room), Jonathan and Madi's schoolwork is in the loft--which is in desperate need of more attention than I care to give it right now.

I'm creating...a plan for the coming year.

I am wearing...jammies...what else?

I am reading...Flip Flop Girl by Katherine Patterson...I think it's going to be the book that I read because I like the cover for the reading challenge that I've done nothing about yet. The many books I have been reading did not fit into any category of the challenge. I loved the Michael J Fox book and HIGHLY recommend makes you think...there might be a blog post about it eventually.

I am hoping...that this week turns out to be as calm as it looks right now.

I am hearing...nothing...the kids are still asleep.

Around the house...UGH! I'll get to it eventually!

One of my favorite things...the free golf clinic that Jonathan and Madi are a part of...well, it's not really one of my favorite things, but it is a great opportunity for them...they will play in a 4 hole tournament this afternoon.

I am the beach on Wednesday...and leaving Jake there (he's going to spend a few days with my parents).

A few plans for the rest of the is shaping up to be a very calm week and I'm hoping for motivation to get the house under control!!

Some picture thoughts... Jonathan and Madi as part of the Bye Bye Birdie Crew this weekend, and Jake showing off his latest missing tooth.

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Tiffany said...

When I get home and have a week and a half of supposed peace before traveling again I am planning on getting my school act together so we can start as soon as possible after our road trip.
I hope you have a productive week!
Love the pictures!