Friday, October 9, 2009

A busy week in pictures...

Here's a backwards look at our week, while we are often busy...thankfully we are not USUALLY this crazy....

Here are Jonathan and Madi working on their tests this morning. They both had History and Jonathan had Science as well. They've never actually taken tests until this year, but they are definitely getting the hang of it. Now after uploading all of these pictures, i better get off the computer and go correct those tests!!

Thursday was a calmer day with a few hours of babysitting, school at home, and PE. Jake is doing a Junie B Jones Time Pocket that I got free on currclick (Thanks Tiffany!) While he was cutting out some pumpkins for it he said, "Cutting is SO not my thing...riding my bike is my thing." He really has perfected his 2 wheel riding after being so squeemish about removing the training wheels. He can even stand up a pedal...when he showed me he said, "Don't freak out about this Mom!"

Wednesday Jonathan had an early orthodontist appointment during which I ran errands. Then it was more carschooling and the annual field trip to the symphony. On the way home the boys got haircuts, then it was American Kids' club at the library, a quick supper for the kids and time to drop them off at AWANA...Mike and I had a dinner date.

Tuesday we went to see Charlotte's Web, did school in the car, the kids had PE, we went to the park, took some sweaty pumpkin patch pictures so I could have a fall picture on my blog, (we helped unload all 4000 of these pumpkins the last week...thankfully it was much cooler that night!!) and then the kids had Theatre.

Monday we babysat all day, did school, made our first batch of homemade laundry came out good and makes a ton...this should last us a LONG time and costs under $2 for the whole thing! Plus we got Jonathan's 14 year old pictures taken and Madi had Church Choir in the evening.

Sunday between church in the morning and church in the afternoon (youth group and CCD) Meme and Grampa Carlie came over to celebrate Jonathan and Grampa Carlie's birthdays.


Deana said...

I love your blog!! Great pictures. We love the pumpkin patch. We used to live right across the street and I miss being able to just walk over & pick out our pumpkins. It was great seeing you this week, we really enjoyed the play & the symphony!!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

the little guys look like they had a BLAST at the symphony!!! I love TJ's expression!

I love your fall picture!

And, I want to know more about the homemade laundry soap.

Cindy said...

What a crazy week-we had one here too! Looks like you managed to have some fun in there, though!