Monday, October 19, 2009


For today...Monday October 19, 2009...Jake is SEVEN today!!

Outside my window...the sun is just coming up.

I am thinking...about all of the sickness that was rampant at the Theatre this weekend and how great the show was in spite of it.

I am thankful...that all three of my kids had fevers that went away within 18 hours of getting them...I am thankful for the natural and homeopathic remedies that friends shared with me that I think really worked...and I am thankful that I had the fortitude to nurse each of them for as long as I did because I am sure that plays a part in their ability to get well so quickly.

I am praying... for everyone else who is sick...and for those of us who didn't get it to stay healthy.

From the kitchen...we have lots of left overs, but after breakfast we are headed to Disney for Jake's birthday.

From the learning rooms...I hope to sneak in a little schooling in the car, and then the rest of the week we'll be playing catch up.

I finally finished a book this week...A View From Saturday by EL Konisburg, it is our mother-daughter bookclub book...meeting is Tuesday here.

Around the house..."show weekend syndrome" will have to wait one more day.

One of my favorite kids!

We are listening... to the radio because they are going to announce Jake's birthday any minute now.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Disney all day today, Tuesday...Grandma goes home, bookclub, the kids begin working on the next show (Seussical), babysitting Wed and Thur, plus trying to get back on track.

Some picture thoughts...


ann marie said...

Happy Birthday to Jake.
The show was great, glad we made it, the girls thought Maddie was terrific ( I did as well).
I felt yucky since last Friday. I thought it was just me, but then realized something is going around. My personal cure was lentil soup ... and lots of tea. So far the kids seem to be okay.
Have fun at Disney. What a great weather day for it.

Shawnie said...

Happy Birthday to Jake!!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Jake! His present is on the table waiting to be mailed! Love all the show pictures-Suessical sounds like it will be fun! Glad Grandma Marge was able to come down and see the kids in a show, too! Have a good week!