Monday, October 26, 2009


For today...Monday morning October 26th.

Outside my is a little cloudy and we are supposed to be getting more record highs this week...ugh...the air will probably have to go back on.

I am thinking...about how nobody comments anymore...I try to not live for comments, but I'm human and I just can't help it!

I am thankful...for health.

From the kitchen...I need to get down there and make "pumpkin stuff" and taco dip for our book club meeting today.

From the learning rooms...Jonathan just finished a report on the Walt Disney World Monorail was really good. Madi did a report on Harry Potter and she included some fun little known facts and a word search. Next they each need to do a research report on a state of their choice. Jonathan is having no trouble with Algebra 1, as it is all stuff he did with Singapore Math (I can't say enough about Singapore!) Jake is doing Miss Rumphius for FIAR.

I am reading...The Lamb's Supper by Scott Hahn.

I am praying...for everyone with sad news on facebook...two friends' fathers passed away this week and Cindy's father passed away 5 years ago today.

Here's a quote to ponder...Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.
~St. Francis of Assisi

I am listening to...Jonathan and Jake check out their bags of goodies that they got from Nana last night.

Around the house...I'm not going to put the clothes on the line because I'm going to be gone all day and I think it might rain.

In our yard...I'm loving our is a great place to read.

One of my favorite things...sleep...and I don't think I've been getting enough lately.

I am "googling"...St Francis of Assisi.

I am Catholic Book club this morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week...all typical stuff this week I think...then Halloween!!

Some picture thoughts... "working" the AWANA pumpkin patch...

my ghost pumpkin...

great pictures by OBM...


DebiH. said...

You chose one of my favorite quotes again !

crispy said...

I am wondering if when you are googling what you find about that quote. I heard that is not from St Francis of Assisi. Let me know what you find. I am curious.

Deana said...

love the pumpkin all did a wonderful job!!!

Julie said...

Ok, I searched harder and this is what I's his sentiment, not necessarily his actual workds...

When did Francis say, "Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary"?

This is a great quote, very Franciscan in its spirit, but not literally from St. Francis. The thought is his; this catchy phrasing is not in his writings or in the earliest biographies about him.

In Chapter XVII of his Rule of 1221, Francis told the friars not to preach unless they had received the proper permission to do so. Then he added, “Let all the brothers, however, preach by their deeds.”

A few years ago, someone used the Internet to contact some of the most eminent Franciscan scholars in the world, seeking the source of this “Use words if necessary” quote. It is clearly not in any of Francis’ writings. After a couple weeks of searching, no scholar could find this quote in a story written within 200 years of Francis’ death.

Adapted from Ask A Franciscan, a feature in St. Anthony Messenger.

Tiffany said...

I have a few things to say--
love the first picture
love your ghost pumpkin
love the quote, reminds me of something my great grandmother used to say, "You're actions are so loud I can't hear what you are saying."

cdgantz said...

How did the pumpkin stuff turn out? If it was good, it was the cake mix that your beautiful neighbor gave you. If it was bad, remember Wyatt carried it over there!

I wish it were cooler too!

I love that quote too--even if it is just a paraphrase of some ideas. My mom has it hanging on her wall.

Those pictures are really cute of the boys. They sure are growing up!

And, one last thought, Wyatt was concerned about you guys yesterday. He saw the clothes on the line, and he wanted to know if your dryer was broken and if we needed to send David over to help you fix it. He was also concerned that you might in bed tonight when I called you at 8:00 about theater. :) He really loves your family!

Cindy said...

First gotta love Tiffany's grandmother's quote! GREAT pumpkin patch pictures! And I already admired the pictures Ojake on OBM's blog but they are pretty great!