Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

It is Sunday night, Valentine's Day and here are a few of my thoughts...

...can you believe I was given a surprise party on the day I blogged that I probably wasn't going to get a party?! It was so fun and went by too quickly! I've never really had a surprise party before...for my 18th birthday I was given a surprise party, but was told about it before it actually happened (I had to pretend to be surprised for most of the guest though). This time I was truly shocked! I can't believe that no one gave it away!

...that makes two surprises I've been given already this year (the decorations being the other one).

...I am helping Jonathan with his Science study guide as I type this...guanine, cytosine, adenine, thymine...remember those things?

...the group of families that was going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow seems to be shrinking by the minute. At this point I think we may be on the fence. Jonathan and I are both fighting colds...tonight I think the colds might be winning.

...because of the surprise party and my sore scratchy throat, a Valentine date for me and Mike has been postponed until further notice. We want to go see Dear John. As I type that I'm thinking maybe that isn't the name of the movie (the Nicholas Sparks one). Remember there was a TV show called Dear had that guy from Taxi in it. brother is going to be 36 tomorrow. "Papa" would've turned 90 yesterday.

...LENT starts on Wednesday. Mike and I are going to give up red meat, I'm also going to plan on going to daily Mass at least 3 days a week. AND going to work on less computer time, less TV time, less sweets, and more patience, but I haven't narrowed down the parameters of all of those things yet.

...our family has played about 10 games of QWIRKLE, since I received it Friday night. What a fun game! I just won!!

...we watched an old home video yesterday of when Jonathan was 6 and Madi 3...those were pretty calm times, but something important was missing!

...that "something" is eager for me to read to him, so I guess that's it for now!


cdgantz said...

It doesn't surprise me that you won! BUT did you get a double QWIRKLE?? :)

Leisa said...

I need a QWIRKLE review? What is it?

I'm glad you had a great weekend. Maddy and I also came down with scratchy throats Sunday night. We are silvering it up! Hopefully it won't stay.

Cindy said...

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one giggling when you wrote that post about the party Friday!! Glad it stayed a surprise and that you had a good time! Any pictures?!

Cindy said...

I forgot to add, I can't believe Rob will be 36! I know we're getting older but it's crazy that everyone else is, too!!!!