Sunday, October 24, 2010

I was tagged

Oneblessedmamma tagged me with these questions over a week ago and I'm finally getting around to answering them...

1) Do you have a favorite recipe or meal from when you were a child?

Mugga's chicken soup is what is especially sticking in my mind.

2) On that same thread, are there any meals you HATED growing up?

TUNA...still do! Actually I was never made to eat it and don't ever plan to!

3) I'm on a food kick, but question #1 made me think of this- what is your favorite Christmas cookie or treat?

Jello cookies (Pastel Fruit cookies) are a tradition that I am pretty sure I've made every year of my life since I was about 5. While yummy, they aren't necessarily my FAVORITE cookie, but generally speaking I've never met a Christmas cookie that I didn't like, and my favorite depends on my mood.

4) What is your favorite bit of child rearing/homeschooling wisdom?

Not to stress so much in the early years. As I've said before when we first started homeschooling, I thought of us as "unschoolers". As Jonathan and Madi got older, I began to realize that we fit more into the "delayed academics" camp. Jonathan didn't really learn to read until he was seven or eight (which seemed so old then, but looking back isn't really that old!). We had a life style of learning and always had tons of library books out (still do), we talked and read all the time (still do), and played lots of games (still do). We never did a language arts curriculum, with the exception of a little oral First Language Lessons the year that we lived at the rental house (if and when Jake napped). Jonathan is now taking High School English 1 on he is on pace and has a 98%. On our monthly call the other day the teacher told me he really should plan to do the "Honors" component of the class because she is sure it will be no problem for him and colleges really like that. I was sure to mention to her that we've always homeschooled and pretty much never done "English" before now. So my advice is with your kids, talk to them, play games with them, go on all the fun field trips, spend lots of time with friends, go outside...these are the things that give a real education. I've always given this advice, now I have a little proof to show that it works!

5) What song did you and your spouse dance to at your wedding?

I Swear by John Michael Mongomery then the wedding party joined us for Can You feel the Love Tonight by Elton John

This question was so fitting because I justlast week,was thinking that I didn't know what songs my local friends danced to at their weddings. I was thinking it because I had heard a song that a college friend danced to at her wedding and was thinking how I always think of people when I hear their wedding songs (or other songs that remind me of them).

*there is something weird going on with this computer and I realize I didn't put a space between just and last, but I can't fix it*

6) If you could live anywhere (in the USA), where would you live and why?

Right exactly where I live, but we'd have real grass in our yard and hard wood floors.

7) What is your favorite book SERIES?

Gotta be Harry Potter!

8) What's your favorite book genre, and a surprise favorite from it?

Is Nicholas Sparks a genre? I love his books. The newest one was especially good which was a slight surprise because the Last Song was probably my least favorite of his. I really liked Three Weeks with My Brother which was non-fiction and more of a memoir.


ann marie said...

Our wedding song was "Don't Know Much," by Aaron Neville and Linda Rondstat. It's sort of cheesy, but I still like it.

Meme said...

love love love reading your blog!!!!!!