Friday, October 1, 2010

October daybook

For tonight Friday October 1st from a La Quinta Inn near Tampa

Outside My Window...there is a bright spotlight shining right in my eyes.

It is dark out.

I am Listening to...Jake and Madi in the room next door playing with our little friend Aaron (4) who is visiting us from New Hampshire. His dad and Mike are at a Rush concert tonight and Jonathan talking to himself while he does his Geometry.

I am Wearing...jammies that I put on at 6:30. You know you're old when you'd rather put on jammies, read books and catch up on blogs than be out at a concert. (Especially when you have kids old enough to take care of themselves and any extra kids that might be joining you so that you can have time to read and blog.) Incidently, most of the time, I would rather be at a concert, but not tonight.

I am Thankful...for my big strong healthy oldest son who will turn FIFTEEN tomorrow!

I'm Pondering...the fact that I am old enough to have a FIFTEEN year old son.

I am Reading...Take One by Karen Kingsbury still, but I will finish it tonight.

From Netflix...still Family Ties Season 1, we're on disk 4 now. We are also watching a lot of Liberty's Kids which is a "watch instantly".

I am Thinking...about how much I love October in Florida (and November, December, January, etc)

On my iPod...Jonathan's got Fahrenheit 451 downloaded on there for his English class. It is time for him to buy his own ipod!

Towards a Real Education...we didn't do so well at managing real life and taking part in Cindy's Disney vacation simultaneously. Jonathan's online classes suffered the most (because you can't do those in the car or at the pool). Therefore, he is working away here on a Friday night the eve of his FIFTEENTH birthday.

I am Hoping and Praying...for health for my family. Three years ago this week Mike almost died. He looks at it in a positive light, but I still have trouble with it. (and FIFTEEN years ago this week our 3 day old infant suffered a stroke. Despite being behind in his Spanish class, he does really well even if he does only use 3/4 of his brain.)

In the Garden...ugh! We spread some grass seed among the weeds. We have the worst soil (and I use that term loosely) in the world. We are getting ready to put up a fence in preparation for a...wait for it... DOG! Friends of ours who moved away this summer (and we miss them every single day) are giving us their Welsh Corgy (is that how you spell that?) his name is Mickey. He will arrive in a few weeks.

Around the House...the AC is off! (of course we aren't there right now, but I think we are done with it for the year!)

From the Kitchen... I wrote out a meal plan for the upcoming week because for the first time in months, I think we will all (even Mike) be home to eat supper every night this week!! Some of the things on that list are tried and true (tacos), some are new recipes (chipotle chicken sandwiches and sausage soup), and some are fallish things that can come back into circulation now that we're having fallish weather (pot roast with carrots and potatoes).

One of My Favorite Things...when the oppressive heat of the summer subsides and we start the Florida fall. (Cindy, when you plan your return trip in two years, a week or two later will give you considerably cooler weather-- and no lovebugs!)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...Disney tomorrow for Jonathan's FIFTEENTH birthday, lots of churchy stuff on Sunday and a visit from my parents to celebrate my father and Jonathan's birthdays (did I mention Jonathan is turning FIFTEEN?!)AND...schooling and eating at home the rest of the week...what a novel concept!!

Also, Madi gets her braces off on Wednesday.

I tried to find a picture on Mike's computer and this is the best I could do...


ann marie said...

I am so glad you updated. Loving this weather, too. I can see why you still have a hard time with Mike's near death anniversary. I don't even know if I really knew you back then, other than to see you in church. That seems to odd to me now. I'm looking forward to Sunday's class getting started. I know I had more to say, but now I can't remember. Oh, is one of your children celebrating a birthday soon?

Cindy said...

I was thinking the same thing about our future trip! Enjoy celebrating Jonathan's birthday!

bfarmmom said...

Fifteen??? Wow. Hope you guys have an awesome day at Disney. Is it finally starting to cool off in Fl. The highs here today are going to be in the 60's. They had a very warm late summer early fall here in KY. From what I have been told.

Meme said...

I always love reading your blog....I'm shocked to say the least, that Jonathan is 15 and GC is going to be 65!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

What in the world is that a picture of?
I can't believe Jonathan is 15! He's such a great kid, you should be proud!