Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday morning, 'If you Give Mouse a Cookie' style

If you go with your husband to get his blood drawn at 7 am (because two times ago he passed out, and your 12 year old daughter was there to witness it), you might decide to put your sneakers on on the way out the door because, after all, as long as you're out, you might as well go to the gym. [and you might be late meeting your husband, who left ahead of you to get in line at the lab though because your 8 year old was up already discussing up coming auditions for the next play, so you might not even brush your hair...or your teeth]

You might make it in time to watch your husband do just fine getting his blood drawn (because he lays down now when they do it). And you might get to the quiet, uncrowded gym and make it through the arm and stomach weights and 25 minutes on the elliptical.

But when you start your car you realize the gas light has been on for a while, so you head to the gas station and fill up.

On the way to the gas station, you might notice that it is 8:40 and since you're out anyway, it might be a good day to make it to daily Mass. You call your kids and while none of them has really started on anything productive without you, they sound fine and are eating breakfast, so you tell them you're going to church and will be home in about 45 minutes.

After Mass you chat with friends for another half an hour, solving the problems of the world today.

Back in the car, you check your phone, no missed calls (this is a good thing). While reaching for the phone you notice some very overdue library CDs that you and the kids haven't even listened to (not such a good thing). Now is as good of a time as any to return them to the library.

When you pull into the library parking lot, you see all the voting signs and might even consider early voting except that you have no idea who you are voting for, so you brush that thought away. You do however see an old friend whom you haven't seen in over a year. You oogle enviously over her new baby and catch up on a year's worth of news about her growing family.

Your stomach growls all the way home because it is now after 10:30 and you still haven't eaten breakfast.

You come home to lots of "what took you so long?"s. Throw some kefir, frozen banana, chocolate instant breakfast, and dark chocolate peanutbutter in the blender. Drink it down in 3 seconds flat and find that the computer is empty so you can share your funny story with the one or two people left out there who still read your blog.

Now it's 11:00, time to start the day!


ann marie said...

I always read your blog - and I'm a very important person, so consider yourself blessed! Plus, your mom reads and she is kind of important person,too, so you are extra blessed! I liked this post...and I liked solving the world's problem with you after Mass. Always a fun thing to squeeze into the day. I am just about to start out day here and it's 11 pm, but there's lots of hours to get it all in. Or not. Oh well.

ann marie said...

I meant 11 AM! Although maybe we should start at 11 PM

Grandpa Sal said...

I always read them too.

Tiffany said...

Always, always reading...loved this one! You and I are too much alike--trying to cram in all we can all the time!! I got up late, got the kids going on school, kept Landon, went to the picture place, out to lunch, and then came home after an already FULL day and decided that now was the time to clean my ENTIRE house without asking for an ounce of help from the kids. It's now 5:30, every room is clean except the kitchen and dinner has not even been started and I'm petering out...I've got to press on though!

Cindy said...

Love it! you know I'm here! I thought you were goining to say that you ran out of gas because that's happened to me once when I tried to fit too much in!

Melissa said...

Loved it! I fell like this every day too.

DebiH. said...

I read! Funny post! You do always get a lot done in a day and you are good at it! :)

Meme said...

Hi Jul Your post was fun...I take credit for you, even though I'm a slow poke now!!!!! Love your energy...I guess I'll do something around here>>>>