Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daybook on another Sunday evening

Around the house...we did a fair amount of organizing and cleaning out this weekend, so it's not too bad. There is a ton of paper work I wish we had time to go through, but it'll have to wait for another day.

In the school room...last week was a little too 'spring break-y' for kids who need to be done with school two months from today. The social princess specifically had way too much fun last week with a pool day, beach day, midnight movie, a friend's karate tournament and more. Now we have to kick it into high geer! This afternoon I spent some time reading an unschooling book and then got all kinds of ideas in my head about what I would like next school year to look like. I spent the rest of the afternoon researching and making plans. In the process I decided Jonathan and Madi will both do this next year. I bought it for Jonathan two years ago and we haven't made time for it yet. Now I'm really excited that they'll be doing it together. Working with Jonathan and Madi together is something I've really been missing. I also spent some time looking into the community college admission test that Jonathan will be taking soon. In the process I found out something very exciting. Our local community college has an agreement with two four year universities and anyone who graduates with an AA will immediately be accepted at those schools. Interestingly enough they are both schools that our big kids have been interested in! I feel like we have a plan, now if time would just slow down so I can prepare myself for all of this!

On the table...Chicken soup and salad tonight. Jonathan and I combined forces and made some yummy fresh squeezed lemonade (he did the squeezing). He and I both gave up yummy drinks for Lent (he's only drinking water and milk and I'm only drinking water and unsweet tea), so we're also combining forces to drink it all before tomorrow (Sunday's a feast day all Lenten bets are off), I gave blood today, so I have the perfect excuse to indulge in lots of lemonade.

In the yard... The pool cover is off and Jake and I took a quick dip on Friday night, then we had the water tested on Saturday and it was way off, now we're working on getting it balanced because it is officially swimming weather.

Volunteering... today after church Jonathan and Madi along with some friends from youth group sorted and unloaded enough donated food to feed 2000 people.

In the plans... Madi will be 14 on Saturday. She'll be spending her birthday providing child care at church for an all day retreat. (Jonathan will too and Jake will be getting cared for while Mike and I will get to participate in the retreat) On Thursday Jonathan is getting a behind the scenes tour of The American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios thanks to people he's met at the theatre. He's definitely got friends in cool places.

Prayer for the week....Praying for lots of friends going through lots of difficulties right now and more specifically for a theatre mom who was just diagnosed with brain cancer. All prayers appreciated!!
(Same as last week.)

Books...Madi is still in the process of reading most of the books that I mentioned last week, between socializing and reading Mockingjay, she's not caught up yet. She and I also started listening to To Kill a Mockingbird, but we've just finished disc 1of 11, so we have a long way to go.

On TV...Basketball. I'm loving American Idol once again. This past week was Billy Joel week and everyone was really good. I have the feeling we'll be looking into American Idol Live tickets again this year. I recorded Dancing with the Stars, but didn't watch it yet.

March Madness Bracketology...UGH! We were counting on Jake to win it for our family, he had 6 out of 8 in the elite 8, but lost every game this weekend...all his teams are gone. All of all of our teams are gone.

Thoughts... I have plenty of thoughts swimming around my brain and someday I might even make the time to form them into something worth reading.


ann marie said...

This was worth reading :) And you are doing better than me. I have no idea when I last blogged. I like the looks of that unschooling book. We are all out as far as basketball goes. :( Most of us were out pretty quickly. Anthony was the last man standing, but after yesterday, he is out too.

ann marie said...

Oh, I meant to ask...was all that food from St Patrick Church? If so, that is amazing! I love our parish!