Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daybook on a quiet Sunday

Around the house...Bread and rolls are rising, homemade granola bars are cooling, and two batches of muffins are waiting to be eaten. Madi is at youth group, Jake is upstairs being very quiet (it either has something to do with the computer or practicing for Willy Wonka), Mike and Jonathan just went to Lowes and Publix.

In the school room...Jake just started Teaching Textbooks for math and is LOVING it!! We are big fans of Singapore math here for elementary/ middle school then TT for high school, but Jake (a big fan of the computer) had other plans so right now we're going with it, he did math yesterday (Saturday {and we were only home for about 2 hours all day}) and today (Sunday!) We are not technically on spring break this week like the building school kids, but most activities are off this week so we get to do school and enjoy some downtime as well! And all those building school families who might think we are homeschool slave-drivers will see we're really not when we are on our 2 week California trip and they are still in school!!

On the table...Burgers tonight, some e-meals this week including pork chops, beef burgundy, and of course tacos on Tuesday.

In the yard... we have two tomato plants in topsy turvies as well as cumcumbers and peppers. Jonathan has really taken this on and is out there watering them a few times everyday. Jonathan and Mike took the cover off the pool today...the Florida heat is on the way.

In the plans... a Pampered Chef fundraiser to earn money for Jonathan and Madi (and chaperone Mike)'s mission trip to Catholic Heart Work Camp this summer.

On the road....Mike will be back on the road the second part of this week, we won't be going though because even though there is no theatre or soccer there is bookclub, youth group game night, and the midnight showing of the Hunger Games for the teenagers! That's the thing about raising kids to think for themselves, eventually they make their own plans.

Prayer for the week....Praying for lots of friends going through lots of difficulties right now and more specifically for a theatre mom who was just diagnosed with brain cancer. All prayers appreciated!!

Books... Jake's listening to The Wizard of Oz (he's listening to it read by Jim Weiss, but i couldn't get a link for that), Jonathan is listening to Dracula, and just started reading Cathching Fire, Madi is trying to read Mockingjay, but has about 10 books to read for school including The Devil's Arithmetic, Moonshiner's Son, My Heart Lies South, and more plus Chains for bookclub on Thursday. I finished Catching Fire on Thursday, am reading Chains with Madi, a really simple mindless young adult book whose title I don't even know, and Surrender by Fr Larry Richards, plus trying to keep up with most of Madi's reading.

March Madness Bracketology... UCONN lost in the first round, no one in our family is doing very good in the pool.

Well the house hasn't managed to clean itself, the rest of the family should be here soon, and I'll have a better chance of encouraging them to do house work if I'm not on the computer!

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Tiffany said...

We've listened to Wizard of Oz read by Jim Weiss a few years ago and the kids loved it.
Hope you have a great half school/half spring break week. :0)