Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I just dropped the kids off at theatre where Jake and Madi are auditioning for Willy Wonka. Before leaving we checked out some of these oldies but goodies...

This is from a performance troup event about 4 years ago, the video on the bottom is the audition song Jake could be singing at this very minute. For some reason this link doesn't show the video, if you care you can try this and see the whole month of May 2008 including the video and other cute things.

Jake really wants to be Charlie or Mike Teevee. Jonathan was Mike Teevee four years ago!

What do you think about this face?

I think blogging is on it's way out. In 2008 I had 322 blog posts, in 2009, 193. Last year...84!! Put another way I think facebook killed the blogging star. I have thoughts in my head, but they just seem to stay swimming around in there. I'd really like to write a book someday, but for now I think we are just too busy living life. These old posts were from four years ago. They seem like yesterday, but in four years Jonathan will be 20 and Madi will be graduating from high school. Hopefully my thoughs will last until then when I have more time to make sense of them and can turn them into something worth reading.

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