Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday evening post

This is an unusual time for me to post, but I'm home from a long weekend of THEATRE and laundry and dishes are going, and the only thing left on my agenda today is to lay on the couch and watch Three's Company (DVDs I got from the library), so I figured I'd take a few minutes to blog. I'll get some 80's FOLLIES videos up here eventually, but here's where facebook friends have an advantage because they are already over there. Today was a huge day for Jake because in addition to rockin' in FOLLIES (Especially in Don't Stop Believing) he also cantored at church (this was his first time doing it solo). This means he sang the Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, and Angus Dei (yes in Latin) all by himself!! It was a huge deal, he is considerably younger (not to mention more male) than any other cantor at our church. When the Choir Director put him on the schedule, I was wondering if there was some man named Jake that I didn't know about, but no, it was the kid who up until last year was rolling around under the pew and saying things like,"ten more minutes and we're outa here!" It was an emotional Mass to say the least. It is a challenge for me to say humble when I'm overflowing with pride for my kids (it was a challenge to remain holy-- not to mention sane, when he was the one rolling around under the pew). So anyway Jake was well prepared and pulled it off without a hitch. That is until I looked at him in the choir loft towards the end of Mass and he was wiggling and squirming mouthing the works "I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM" to anyone and everyone that was looking his way (thankfully this was not during one of the solo parts), he managed to sneak off for a potty break and reappear in seconds flat in a very professional manner and didn't miss a beat. (Now I'll remember to remind him to go the the bathroom before Mass next time). All in all a hugely successful day. He's now enjoying the rest of the day doing what he does best (after singing and performing that is) playing with the neighbors!

Jonathan has had a financially profitable weekend. Last night he was DJ, video man, and tech extrodinaire for a 50th birthday party that took place in the theatre after last night's show. He was able to make a slideshow of pics of the guest of honor and figure out a way to display it during the party while simulaneously playing songs from past shows and 80s hits for the crowd. He got compensated handsomely for this! He also found out this weekend that for the next second stage show he will be able to be the stage manager and will get some much deserved financial compensation for that as well. Lastly he was asked to be a production assistant for a movie that is going to be filming locally this summer and this is supposed to include payment as well. You may remember that he spend a month about a year and a half ago as a production assistant for a movie that ended up getting scrapped (and those 12 hour days were all volunteer). These opportunities are a win win around here because the theatre stuff is what he loves, but he's going to have to figure out a way to make money if he ever wants to get his actual license (because he will need to pay for his insurance).

Madi shined on stage this weekend as usual. Clearly this has been a braggy sort of post so I'll continue on that path and say I can't even take my eyes off of my daughter when she is on stage. I am truly mesmerized by her stage presence (and her beauty). Twice recently people have made comments about her looking older than her age (this is a big exciting deal when you are on the verge of 14).

And for those of you nonfacebookies I'll round up this post with my two most recent facebook posts which sum up the theme of this post, our weekend, and my life...

I saw this quote today and thought I'd share it...
Don't rob your family of yourself in order to impress others. That's not impressive!
It's hard to be humble when your kids are as awesome as mine!

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Tiffany said...

You do have some great kids and we are blessed to know them and call them friends! I agree that Madi shines on stage, I noticed that this weekend too.