Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiffany made me do it...

10 random facts about me
1.I wasn't going to do this tonight.
2.But I figured I'd have a better excuse for dumb answers if I answered right away.
3.I love American idol.
4.My favorite this year is Colton.
5.I want (and usually have) something sweet after every meal.
6.I think Gale is cuter than Peeta.
7.I started this last night and am finishing this morning.
8.I've been a Red Sox fan since I was in 3rd grade.
9.I've never eaten a tuna fish sandwich.
10.I forgot appointments (2 at the orthodontist) for the first time ever last week, I REALLY need to write things down (and check the calendar!)!!

9 things I do everyday
1.shower (often more than once)
3.check email and facebook something sweet (usually chocolate) TV before I fall asleep (traditionally Seinfeld, but lately Big Bang Theory)
7.sodoku (most days)
8.text/talk on the phone
9.brush my teeth (definitely more than once!)

8 things that annoy me
1.when people brag
2.when people say 'supposably'
3.when people have extreme oppinions and push them on you
4.when the days go by so fast under 13 on facebook
6.when people don't listen when I talk (usually people I live with)
7.when people think I don't know what I'm talking about (usually people I don't live with)
8.that time is going too fast

7 fears/phobias
2.something bad happening to Mike
3.something bad happening to one of my kids
4.getting hit in the face with something
5.losing a tooth
6.rats and other rodents
7.that time is going too fast

6 songs I'm addicted to (this is hard, there are so many, I'm going with songs I currently love to sing)
1.Someone like you (Adele)
2.The Wizard and I (Wicked)
3.Defying Gravity (Wicked)
4.Mean (Taylor Swift)
5.Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood)
6.Lifesong (Casting Crowns)

5 things I can't live without
2.Jonathan, Madi, and Jake
3.My parents
4.My church/ my faith
5.My friends

4 memories I will never forget (and I remember every single thing about these days)
1.My wedding day 11/26/94
2.Jonathan's birth 10/02/95
3.Madi's birth 3/31/98
4.Jake's birth 10/19/02

3 words I can't go a day without (stealing this from Tiffany)
1. I
2. love
3. you

2 things I wish I could do
1.sing exercising

1 person I trust
1. Mike

I'm tagging all the same people as Tiffany: Cindy, Ann Marie, and Debi, also Kirsten and Melissa (these are also probably the only people who actually read my blog!)


ann marie said...

I loved this! And I'm glad I was tagged because I have not been able to write and this will give me an excuse. I also am afraid of losing teeth ( because I'm already missing quite a few) I have dreams about my teeth falling out. Anyway, I was smiling and saying "aw how sweet" while I was reading this :)

Sonya said...

Nope! I'm here reading it. I don't have a blog, so I have time to read all of yours. ;-)

Tiffany said...

Thank you for playing...that was fun to read. And, I, like AnnMarie have the nightmare of my teeth falling out.

Terri said...

I read too! :)