Friday, February 7, 2014

7 QTs what I'm reading...

1. I think I heard somewhere once that reading more than one book at a time (not the exact same time) is good for your brain.  Just like Sudoku and occasionally brushing my teeth with my wrong hand, I like to do what I can to help my brain.  Sometimes I go overboard.  I am reading enough books right now that I can fill a quick takes post with them.  The first one I mentioned yesterday and it doesn't really count as overboard because it is just a one page a day think, pray, act kind of thing.  Small Steps for Catholic Moms.

2. Numero dos will be done this weekend and is a book that a friend recommended.  Where'd You Go Bernadette.  There's a lot to talk about in this book.  If I were a 'real blogger' in addition to these amazon links, I'd be some kind of an affiliate and get a penny or two if you bought one of these, but I'm not, so I won't.  This means I get nothing if you buy or read any of these.  If you do though, let me know so we can talk about them.

3. Floors.  This is a sunshine state book that I'm reading with Jake.  It's pretty good, and looks like it is/ will be a series.

4.  Is an oldie that I've never read... Screwtape Letters.  I'm not very far along in this, I'm just reading a letter or two every few days.  Next up in this category will be Mere Christianity also by CS Lewis.

5.  By What Authority.  I think I borrowed this one from Kirsten about 5 years ago.  Well I'm almost done with it :) !

6. Lastly another book that is meant to be read a little at a time, I picked this up at the library. 

7. And here's a bonus... two books that I am so looking forward to reading, both come out this spring.  Girl at the End of the World and Something other than God.

More quick takes are in the usual place.

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