Friday, February 21, 2014

7 QTs

1. I'm have a really slow motion kind of day.  You might even say week (or month or year).  I am currently lounged on the love seat where two different people who don't live in this house have come to the front door and seen me lazing here like a slug.  Oh well, I educated a kid enough to get into college, I'm taking a day (or 20) off.

2. My last post has drawn no comments (what else is new?), but two people have told me it made them cry.  My response, "I pretty much cry everyday these days, so I figured I'd let a few other people in on the fun."

3. I'm not actually sad when I'm crying (usually), it's just a combination of pride, love, awe, and exhaustion.

4.  My "Mugga" would have been 97 today.  I made heath/ butterscotch cookie bars in her memory.  Papa's birthday would have been last week (he would have been 94), we had kielbasa last night in memory of him.  In our CCD/ religious ed book this week, we read a story about a family that all got together to honor the memory of their late grandfather by cooking lasagna and his special recipe soup.  This was the introduction to the chapter on the last supper and Jesus's instituting the Eucharist. 

5. I finished a really good children's book today.  It is one of the Sunshine State recommendations that Jake plans to read, but he hasn't gotten to it yet.  Generally I'm not sure that the Sunshine State books are all that they are cracked up to be, but this one was really great.  It is called Glory Be and is about a little girl growing up in small town Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement.  I highly recommend it for you and your kids.

6. I think I might be running out of things to say. 

7. Yup, I've definitely run out...

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Melissa said...

I cry every night over the Olympics. When they show the mothers in the audience, I completely lose it! I'm sure I must be terribly hormonal at all times these days....maybe it's lack of hormones....the hormones are drying up. :)