Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thought for today

I always leave our snowmen decorations up after Christmas.  Snowmen aren't just Christmas, they are winter.  Winter is a tricky subject in Florida, here one day (to the tune of 57* and and gone the next (like yesterday's 84* and sunny).  So while my intention is to leave the snowmen up through Valentine's Day, I usually can't make it.  Today then became the day I shoved all snowmen and any remaining Christmas hand towels, musical peanuts characters, etc into the last Christmas stuff bin.  I even dusted a little and tossed up some generic knick knacks as well as some Valentine paraphernalia (yeah, I wouldn't have spelled that that way either, but I looked it up in ye olde fashioned dictionary) in their place.    I even managed to dust a couple surfaces before I decided to take a break to drink my smoothie (today's is lime yogurt, strawberries, pineapple, frozen mixed berries and a little peach mango juice), and order some wheat berries because we are running low and eating far too much store bread these days.  Well from there I went to a blog and spent way too much time reading about someone else's choices for baby names and far too many of the 145 comments that went with it.  Since over 10 years ago Mike and I made a decision that we would not have made if we could go back and do it all over again, unless there is a baby dropped on our doorstep (which I do sometimes pray for), this time spent reading about baby names is pretty moot and essentially a waste of time.  I started to realize that and opened my Small Steps for Catholic Moms (or if I'm being totally honest, I actually opened to today's page while in the bathroom, but I don't usually blog like that, so disregard).  Today's thought...

 "Take care not to meddle in things which do not concern you, nor even allow them to pass through your mind; for perhaps you will not then be able to fulfill your own task." ~~ St John of the Cross

So now I am closing the computer in hopes of fulfilling my "own task" for today and maybe those snowmen will make it out to the garage, and maybe too it doesn't really concern me and my family what 145 people that I don't know think of baby names. 

All this to say I'm a great rationalizer and lots of time spent reading lots of things on the internet can be considered worthy, but I think God and St John of the Cross just smacked me in the face with a reminder that there are also a lot of things out there that are not necessarily worthy for me

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Jennie C. said...

I hate when that happens. :-)