Sunday, June 29, 2008

Computer woes

The video of the newspaper article is only viewable on certain computers and I haven't got nearly enough computer knowledge to know why it works on some and not others. To add to that I can't seem to watch any videos on my computer right now. The temporary fix that we got on it before our friends headed out on vacation was to let us get on- line through a different browser (foxfire instead of internet explorer), with this for some reason videos don't work. Soo, that leaves me with all kinds of things to want to put on here and no good way to do it. The kids participated in our homeschool group's second annual Homeschool Exhibition last night. Madi sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow and she, Jonathan, and their friend Hannah sang a states and capitals song. Other kids performed poems, the Gettysburg Address, played violins, talked about things they'd studied this year, and much more. In addition to the performance part there was also a display section where kids could display their work and projects, kind of like a science fair, but not just science. This morning on our walk Mike and I were talking about how great it is to live here. Originally, a huge part of our wanting to the live in Florida was the weather, now that's the least of it (it is especially easy to say that in the heat of the summer:)!) I love our community so much. Last night I was talking to a friend who we've known since first moving here. When we met her oldest was five, now she is fourteen and spending the week at sleep away "whale camp" in Maine. It is such a blessing to be close to so many wonderful families and to not only be able to see our homeschool lifestyle working so well in our family, but in so many others too. Stay tuned, hopefully we'll have some pictures and video of last night before the next big event!


ann marie said...

I got to see the video in Tiffany's blog...VERY good. It looked like a great evening and I feel like we should participate next year.
And this is a great place to live. We moved because of the weather and lots of other reasons, but if we hadn't found this little place we never would have stayed here in Florida. We've been all over the state and nothing compares.

crispy said...

ditto =)

Emily said...

I have lived in at least 7 different places in FL. I have loved each place for different reasons, but loved your area the most. I have a great homeschool group here, but without all of the benefits of living in Central Florida. I still miss you all and that little community.